Hi, First of all I am new to this forum so my knowledge is very limited,

I know that TPS recently has changed their codes to AES I understand I have to insert new keys everyday, but that's not the problem.
The problem is that these new AES codes does not have the same format as the codes I used to put in via the remote like (8200 2601 5732 3713 8134 4705 5306 3107), instead they are something like 5C BB 50 CF D2 71 39 BA 87 56 F0 E5 AE 51 85 D7. So is it possible to put these as "numbers" via the remote?
I have an old Skymaster DXI 9220.
Can I make it read AES codes?

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: I know that the numbers are in hex, but they are twice as much as the old ones (71 15 CE 2E F8 36 42 20), so my question was do I have to upgrade my software to be able to use the AES codes with 16hex digits compared to the old 8 hex digits?