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This page contains an abbreviated list of the software hosted on You can find the complete list of software on the full software page. Source codes for all Open Source programs on this page can be found on the Source Page.

Disclaimer and Update Policy

I'll take no responsibility whatsoever for the software provided on this page. I didn't write any of the programs you can download here and if something doesn't work out, contact the author or read the readme files that come with those tools first. Also I take no responsibility for the use of these tools.

And a hint: Click on this page, press Ctrl-F (or Alt-F in Netscape) and enter the name of the program you're looking for


These packs contain all the software for the corresponding guides.

Gordian Knot rippack 0.35.0 pack2 - contains basic software to do SBC, DivX5 and XviD encoding as described in my guides - contains vStrip 0.8f CSS, DGIndex 1.2.1, BeSweet 1.5b30, azidts 0.1, vsfilter, Decomb 5.2.1, fluxsmooth, Convolution3D, Deen, TomsMoComp, AviSynth 2.55, VobSub 2.23, VirtualDubMod, Nandub RC2 lumafix ecffix, chapterXtractor 0.962 and Robot4Rip 0.5.

Gordian Knot Codec Pack 1.9 - audio and video codecs for GKnot encoding if you don't have it already - contains DivX3.11alpha, DivX5.12 Pro trial, XviD Koepi 1.0.3, Huffyuv, AC3Filter 0.70b, mpgaudioax, Morgan Stream Switcher and ffdshow alpha 2004-10-12

DVD2SVCD 1.2.3 b1 - contains all you need for DVD2SVCD conversion (exept for SP/TMPG, but here's a CCE demo and a TMPG demo ): vStrip 0.8f, DGMPGDec 1.45, Avisynth 2.55, BeSweet 1.5b30, IVTC Plugin 2.2 for Avisynth, Decomb 5.12, Madplay 1.5, Pulldown v0.99c, SimpleResize.dll, WinSubMux, VCDImager 0.7.12, bbMPEG 1.24b18 modified.

Below you can find a lot of useful software split into the following sections:

* Audio Tools: All you need to process audio. From AC3 extraction, over AC3 decoder to mp3 compressors and synchronizing tools
* Avi Editing Tools: Everything you need to edit AIVIs, cut, join, add audio tracks, etc.
* Calculators: Calculation programs that will calculate almost anything for you
* Codecs: All you need to play back MPEG-4 movies.
* Descrambling / Ripping tools: All the good DVD Ripping programs to get your VOBs from the DVD disc to your harddisk
* Decoders: Programs that can decode a DVD stream (encoders then encode that data to MPEG-1/2/4).
* Digital TV: All the tools you need to process captured digital TV content (DVB, HDTV)
* DivX / MPEG-4 encoders: programs that will encode DVDs to DivX and other MPEG-4 formats
* Filters: various filters to play DVDs, AC3 audio and filters for VirtualDub and Avisynth
* Launchers: Autorun programs to play your AVIs upon insertion of the CD.
* Media Players: Media Player replacements and a Hollywood Plus player.
* MPEG1/2 Encoders: programs that encode your DVDs to MPEG-1/2
* Region free Tools: 2 tools to make your Hollywood Plus & Software DVD Player region free
* Source codes: source codes for all the open source tools you can find on this page
* Subtitles: All tools needed to extract and process subtitles. Including various subtitle format converters
* Support Utils: useful goodies for all kinds of stuff
* S/VCD Tools: tools to convert, edit and burn VCD and SVCDs
* VOB Tools: stream extractors, merger and splitter. Complements to the Rippers

Audio Tools (show all audio tools)

BeSweet 1.5 - Advanced audio transcoding tool. offers one-pass & two-pass Normalization, DRC, Equalization, Sample-Rate-Conversion, Delay Assertion & more.
BeLight 0.22 - probably the best GUI for BeSweet
HeadAC3he 0.23a - smart & fast AC3 -> WAV/MP3/OGG/AC3-WAV transcoding utility, includes SSE dlls (MMX/SSE2 dlls can be downloaded here).
Lame 3.95.1 - best and free MP3 encoder

AVI Editing tools (show all AVI editing tools)

AviDefreezer - fixes frozen frames
Avifrate1.10 - framerate changer for Avis
DivX Fix 1.1 - to fix broken DivX downloads and crashed ripping sessions. NOT for frozen frames!
Ogg Cutter - utility to cut Ogg Media streams
OggMux - ogg media stream multiplexing utility
VirtualDub 1.6.12 - latest official release without any AC3 or VBR MP3 support. Website
VirtualDubMod - VirtualDub plus Nandub audio + OGM/MPEG-2/AviSynth support. Website

Calculators (show all calculators)

Bearson's Bitrate Calculator - Bitrate calculator, what else?

Codecs (show all codecs)

DivX 3.11 alpha - it appears to me that some people don't know what CTRL-F is... so learn!
DivX 6.0 - lastest DivX codec by DivXNetworks. The successor of DivX4.
DivX 6.0 Pro - free version with extra features. Trial version - runs out after 6 month. Website
XviD 1.1 - imho the best MPEG-4 codec out there. Website - Binary download site

Descrambling / Ripping tools (show all ripping tools)

DVD43 3.7.0 - an on-the-fly decryption layer for Windows
DVD Decrypter - the most versatile ripper out there
DVDFab Decrypter - simple ripper that's always updated to handle copy protection by disc corruption mechanisms. Website
vStrip 0.8f_css - outdated, old-style (brute force) ripper, has many features and is the only open source solution

Decoders (show all decoders)

DGMPGDec 1.4.5 - latest version of the tool formerly known as DVD2AVI
DVDx 2.2 - all in one DVD -> VCD/SVCD encoder. Website
Xmpeg 5.03 - latest FlaskMpeg derivate. Website

Digital TV (show all Digtal TV tools)

Cuttermaran 1.66 - frame accurate MPEG-2 cutting tool. Website
MPEG2Schnitt 0.8 - easy to use tool to cut out commercials from MPEG-2 streams. Website
ProjectX 0.90 - demuxing tool for DVB streams. Website
PVAStrumento - PVA demuxing tool. Website

DivX / MPEG-4 Encoders (show all DivX/MPEG-4 encoders)

Nandub 1.0RC2 - SBC encoding utility

Filters (show all filters)

AC3Filter 0.7b - AC3 playback filter for AVI/AC3 and DVDs
ffdshow - general purpose DivX/XviD decoding filter

Launchers (show all launchers)

Compact Disc Autolauncher 2.0
MicroDVD Autorun 1.85 - DivX autolauncher for Micro DVD Player
Mini DivX Launcher - fully automated codec installation and movie launch
MovieLauncher Plus 1.11 - the big brother of movie.exe so to speak.

Media Players (show all media players)

Media Player Classic - just like WMP6.4 except that it has a lot more features
The Core Media Player 4.0 RC5 - successor of PowerDivX NextGen
Zoom Player 4.0 - WMP replacement, optimized for TV output. Website

For DVD players go to the links section.

MPEG1/2 Encoders (show all MPEG1/2 encoders)

CCE SP - demo version: displays a logo on each encoded file.
HC 0.17 - free high quality .AVS to MPEG-1/2 encoder. Website
QuEnc 0.61 - free high quality .AVS to MPEG1/2 encoder based on ffmpeg
TMPGEnc 2.521 - note: MPEG-2 support expires after 30 days unless you live in the future

Region Free Tools (show all region free tools)

DVD Genie 4.10 - can set the region for almost any DVD software player

Subtitles (show all subtitle tools)

Subadjust 1.56 - adjust subs, split subtitle files and convert subtitle files
SubRip 1.30 beta 10 - the most uses subtitle ripper. Website
VirtualDub subtitle plugin - to add ssa subs to an AVI
VobSub 2.23 - another subtitle plugin for VirtualDub & Avisynthand DS filter for subtitle overlay during playback.
VobSubStrip 0.11 - strips unwated subtitle streams from VobSub files. Website

Support Utils (show all support utils)

AviSynth 2.56 - probably the most powerful video editing tool based on scripting
AviResetAll - resets all AVI settings for Windows, try that if the above doesn't help
BatchCCEWS - automates .avs encoding using CCE. To be used together with DIF4U. Website
ForceAspi 1.7 - if you get ASPI errors install this
Robot4Rip 0.6 - automates preprocessing of DVD sources for Gordian Knot & other tools
VFAPI - includes VFAPI Reader Codec and VFAPI Converter

S/VCD Tools (show all S/VCD tools)

TSCV 0.84b2 - GUI for VCDImager 0.77+ including menu and chapter capabilities. Website
VCDEasy 1.1.5 - advanced VCDImager GUI, allows easy chaptering of VCDs and SVCDs including burning via CDRDAO. Website

VOB Tools (show all VOB tools)

bbTools 1.9 - good demuxer and mpeg2 analyzer
DoItFast4U 1.4.0 - re-authoring made easy. Website (currently offline)
DVD Shrink 3.2 - one click DVD transcoding tool. Website
DVD Rebuilder 0.97 - one click DVD transcoding tool using CCE/Rejig/QuEnc for video encoding. Full installer
IfoEdit 0.97 - edit IFO files, create IFO files, stream processing for DVDs, DVD image and burning capabilities included.
IfoUpdate 0.78 - merges PGC/Cell structures between .ifo files
ImgBurn - Continues DVD Decrypter's burning engine
ReAuthorist 1.0.0 - putting DoItFast4U & DoCCE4U output together to a fully working Scenarist project ready for compilation.

This document was last updated on March 30, 2006