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    Default TPS key to a receiver by remote?? :( HELP

    Hello please take a minute to read my question:

    I have a samsat 2000f and lately tps channels + multivision + m6 music channels have gone (changed in code or somthing) so since i know the master code of samsat (0937) i got to the code section then to viaccess then tps france (007c00) there i found keys 01 08 09 ... 0E so i went to ********.com and looked for the lastest codes I did not found all the keys that were stored in the reciever (know that the old keys still control some channels like 08 key controls "game one" channel) anyway i found keys 08-0 08-1 I know that both of them are parts of the AES key, From some websites i found that 08-0 and 08-1 can be entered as 03 and 13 but i still did not get a result.
    For evaluation i looked for some codes that i dont have stored in my samsat like the "canal sat" group i took the code and entered it via remote but nothing was opened.
    I tought that the problem may be that the receiver dont really mind codes i entered (since it reset that when i uplug its power cable) but i found that changing the code of an open channel will close it and fixing it will open the channel again

    Thanks for reading now my questions are
    Can i really enter AES keys by remote to a samsat?
    can i really anter any key that will work to samsat?
    aes keys changes every day so how come that i had TPS channels for the last 4 months?
    Is the aes key really what is needed to open tps (since there are oder codes[8*2] that could do it)?
    can canal+ france channels be unlocked?
    last one : If i must use a computer to enter the new keys what is the cable configuration That i must use?

    Sorry for the long topic and please answer me even if you know only one of my problems

    PsMan do it while he can

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    yes, you may enter the tps keys as you mentioned (08-0/08-1) as updated in RDI but you may have to update your software for it to work, if available, then update your keys accordingly.
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    Hey any help
    also if someone finds the software somewere tell me
    its samsat 2000fs the same software as opentel 2000fs
    PsMan do it while he can



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