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Thread: dvdisaster 0.66

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    Default dvdisaster 0.66

    dvdisaster provides a margin of safety against data loss on CD and DVD media caused by aging or scratches.
    dvdisaster creates error correction codes to compensate read errors which are not correctable in the CD/DVD drive.

    dvdisaster tries to read as much data as possible from defective media. Afterwards unreadable sectors are recovered using the previously created error correction code. The maximum error correction capacity is user-selectable.
    If you create the error correction code file in time and keep it at a safe place, you have a good chance of recovering the medium contents from typical read errors and to transfer your complete data onto a new medium.

    Latest changes:
    - added adaptive read strategy (thanks to Harald Bogeholz for the suggestion; see also the CREDITS file)
    - added -- fill-unreadble option for better compatibility with other tools (e.g. h2cdimage from c't magazine)
    - cut down information written to the log window in GUI mode as that could use up significant amounts of memory in worst case scenarios. Use command line mode if you are still interested in these messages.
    - fixed code for clean compile with gcc 4.0.1 - added auto-suffix option for automatically adding .img/.ecc to files given without an extension (thanks to Marcus for the suggestion!)
    - changed function test prototype in bash based configure from char* to char to work around misdetection of gcc's builtin gettext() (thanks to Heinz R. for pointing this out)
    - fixed crash in About requester when LANG environment was not set (thanks to Andreas for the patch!)

    Latest changes:
    - Images are checked against the error correction file during the Scan function. Creation of files can be continued after encountering and removing out-out-space conditions on hard disc.
    - New error correction method without error correction files: Error correction information can be appended directly to the image. This method is still experimental and currently only available in the command line. Please visit the CVS archive to follow development of the new method (requires some skills in building programs from source).

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