MyTheatre 3.35 :

-new: Added support for specific features of Technotrend Budget BDA
driver (including Hauppage Nova-CI) - Common Interface and DiSEqC
1.0/2.0. Please note, DiSEqC 1.2 (motor, positioner) not supported by
this driver (although there is function for DiSEqC 1.2). For DiSEqC 1.2
use WDM driver.
-new: dialog for Nova WDM driver settings.
It seems, Nova DVB-C requires Spectral Inversion to be forcely turned ON.
-new: settings for Modulation and FEC type in LNB dialog for future
expanding to 8PSK/DVB-S2 modulations. FEC settings is supported by
Hauppauge Nova(WDM driver), Nexus, and SkyStar-2 drivers.
It's better to leave Modulation and FEC settings in "Auto" mode.
-upd: Constellation (QAM) for Cable cards now is more convenient than
-upd: added LNB power control for cards based on Conexant CX2388x
chip. if by some reason other application turn LNB power off then
MyTheatre could fail to work.
-fix: Philips Sylt Driver supplied with MyTheatre didn't work with several
last releases of MyTheatre (Att: to Cinergy 1200 DVB-S users). Users
without DiSEqC may use BDA driver from Terratec site.
This WDM driver is useful only for users having DiSEqC switch, motor or
-fix: one minor bug in DVB subtitles.

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