This is a standalone freeware tool . If you load a dvd into it it will scan the dvd and present you with all th vob sets on the disk. The best part of this is that it converts the vob structure files to comliant mpeg 2 files that can be used by most video editors or just used as mpeg archives. (Instead of having 5 or 6 vobs with aditional headers you have 1 single Mpeg2 file...

Requires .NET Framework v2.0 (the setup.exe will grab & install this for you if you don't have it)

Change log
- More than twice as fast as v2.1

- Improved stability.
- Fixed some progress bar bugs/exceptions.
- Better logging for diagnostics.
- Minor performance improvements.

- Uses .Net v2 and so is more stable (in threading etc).
- Corrects PTSs by default. Thus correct duration if resulting mpegs is show in WMP etc.
- Ability to abourt the process.
- New version of FFMPEG: maintains A/V sync.