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    Default [email protected]

    [email protected] newsletter number 98 (ENGLISH)

    [email protected] moves to a new orbital position

    The big news today is that [email protected]'s main transmission is moving from
    the orbital position 19.2° East to 23.5° East. With the change in
    orbital position we'll be able to transmit to you even more interesting

    The plan for the change is the following:
    - starting today, [email protected] can be received from 23.5° East as well as
    from 19.2° East. The contents transmitted are identical in both.
    - mid March, [email protected]'s transmission will be more varied on 23.5° East
    than on 19.2° East. This means that there will be programs that you
    receive exclusively on 23.5° East and not on 19.2° East.
    - end of May, the transmission of [email protected] on 19.2° East will be

    As you may see the effect is not immediate but please start re-pointing
    your dish. The change is simple and you'll have a better service.

    What do you need to do?
    The change is simple and you don't need to touch the Casablanca
    itself. You need only to re-align the dish and the LNB to 23.5, and you
    need to modify the parameters of the DVB-Data application of your
    receiver equipment.

    The information regarding dish pointing to 23.5 can be found on the
    ASTRA official web site
    From this web page, launch the Java dish installation tool. Choose
    dish location either by longitude-latitude or by the nearest city. In
    the next dialog page, choose "23.5" (the middle button). The tool will
    display the dish settings: azimuth-elevation of the dish, polarisation
    angle of the LNB.

    The parameters that you need to give to your DVB-Data application from
    the receiver equipment are as follows:
    Satellite: Astra 1D.
    Transponder: 11,836.50 MHz.
    Symbol rate: 29900 kSymbols/s
    Polarity - H (Horizontal)
    PID: 1304 (sometimes it is hidden behind 7304)
    Multicast Announcement address:
    Multcast Annoucement port: 1767

    We are working with manufacturers like Technisat, Hauppauge and
    to make available the latest configuration file of their products for
    you to download from their respective download web sites. If you use
    equipment from other manufacturers please visit the [email protected] user
    for help.

    Why are we changing?
    We are changing orbital position because of a general strategy of ASTRA
    and because this brings several advantages to you.

    1. ASTRA is moving all broadband services to this new orbital position
    and [email protected] is among them.
    2. ASTRA has more transponders available on 23.5. It makes easier for
    to transmit you more entertaining contents.
    3. [email protected] has today more than 100,000 users. If you all move with us,
    your total influence on ASTRA is much higher on this new orbital
    position than on the previous 19.2 position where more than 100
    users are watching TV.
    4. If you use other ASTRA broadband services such as satellite Internet
    (ASTRAnet), being on the same orbital position with them is easier for
    you if you want to use both.

    We hope to see all of you on 23.5
    Thank you for your support.
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    S-ar parea ca serviciul de internet Casablanca si-a inchis pravalia...

    [email protected] newsletter number 108 (ENGLISH)

    Wrapping up [email protected]
    [email protected] will send its last package of free Internet contents next
    Wednesday February 14, 2007, after almost 5 full years of free
    for the Satellite Internet community (we started operations on 11
    2002 with Casablanca version 1.2).

    Many thanks to ASTRA for having given this much satellite capacity
    the benefits of the users. Many thanks to ESA for having co-funded
    project. Many thanks to all our partners who created mirror
    download web
    sites, support forums and who participated in this project during
    past 5 years (an eternity in Internet time). Many thanks for the
    + persons who downloaded a copy of the software from the official
    site of CSP, not counting the unofficial mirror sites.

    Why is [email protected] stopped?
    The purpose of [email protected] was to prove the interest of using the
    to do webcasting of a set of most popular Internet web contents to
    multitude of users, filtered to suit individual topics of
    interests. On
    this respect, [email protected] is one of the most successful projects
    by ASTRA and ESA.

    With the advent of Windows VISTA, of Internet Explorer 7, of
    Firefox 2,
    it is becoming too difficult for a small development team to follow
    changes. Therefore, we prefer to stop the service rather than
    provide a
    bad service.

    Eventually [email protected] needs to be followed up by professional
    broadcasters, commercial or public. It is not the mission of
    [email protected] to
    continue forever.

    Is somebody taking over the service in Europe?
    We will continue to make the Casablanca technology available to all
    satellite operators in the world.

    From the feedback, it appears that the interest is highest in
    without solid terrestrial infrastructure. Casablanca shines when
    podcasting because the same rich content can reach millions of
    simultaneously without any terrestrial lines. However, in Europe,
    podcasters have invested heavily in classical servers for classical
    distribution and cannot change overnight to another technology
    they have proven their existing investment.

    If you want [email protected] to continue, maybe with another operator,
    feel free to lobby your preferred podcaster, for example your
    TV channels who is already used to send over ASTRA.

    See you soon and many thanks again from your [email protected] Team.
    Oradea: 1.2M Fe Off, 0.3dB Digital Gold, H-H Moteck SG-2100A, SS2 2.8A, SRT Digibox.
    75 E - 43 V

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    Asa e primit si eu un mail de la ei similar...A fost un proiect frumos si gratuit sustinut si acesta de o mana de entuziasti. Cred ca schimbarea satelitului si raspandirea internetului terestru au contribuit decisiv la inchiderea lui.
    Naturally born racer



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