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Thread: pol sat help me

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    Default pol sat help me

    hi friends i have neosat sx1600plus i put that keys for pol sat but not working help me 7101
    00;65 53 D8 86 8F 0B 61 3B
    [/code] 01;E7 C0 3D 82 5F 16 E2 9B ANY BODY HELP ME PLZ

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    polsat key is 01 = 65 53 D8 86 8F 0B 61 3B E7 C0 3D 82 5F 16 E2 9B

    rsa key is = A1 08 6D 68 25 FE A2 55 AE 50 8D 6D 2C BA 9B BA 8F 32 E2 7E CC F8 EE D2 E3 D9 70 83 EC 56 B9 B9 A0 C3 AC 7C CC 9A 1B B6 09 B9 A4 AB 05 A0 58 2B 78 D4 B4 26 81 05 94 AA CB 9C 85 F7 1F 9B 64 A3

    polsat is now nagra 2 not nagra 1

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    dear aba

    where to put these RSA keys , is this woking with neosat or its open in skystar 2 only

    plz reply in detail n for how long it will remain open

    Remember cyfra plus opened for just one month last year





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