I have Nokia 9800 S

If I pay smart cards like fun, titanium ……with program machine likes Dynamite plus as in www.duolabs.com.

The question is this correct way to program the smart card?
then I need write program to add the keys!
And anther question should I upgrade nokia 9800 S also.

So. Pl, tell me if you good www where can I know how to program the smard cadrs for nokia 9800 S step by step.

Next anther idea I heard
For a programmer you need a Phoenix, this can programm all cards
used in that matter.
You will have to go to some SatTV Board and inform you what
emulation software is out for what card ... this stuff changes
often ... it is a hunting game.
The best would be dreambox, or a TrippleDraggon, or a dbox2, and try cardsharing.

So should I pay drambox and try cadsharing
Pl, your help will be great.