Philips Electronics is to transfer its conditional access business to ******. Philips’ CryptoTec develops and sells content protection products such as advanced security systems for cable, satellite, terrestrial and IP networks under the CryptoWorks brand. In addition to conditional access for digital TV, ****** also offers software-based content security for IPTV services as well as multiple DRM and conditional access products for premium mobile content and mobile TV.

Hans Streng, CEO, Philips Digital Networks said: “The conditional access industry is moving towards consolidation, and Philips has been looking into various options for the CryptoTec business. Reaching this agreement with ****** is considered to be the solution that offers the best future-proof direction for customers and staff.

CryptoTec will thus find a new home where conditional access is the absolute core of the business. Philips will continue focusing on promoting open-standards DRM.”
”With the acquisition of Philips’ CryptoTec, ****** will strengthen its position in the pay media industry, and will now have over 300 customers on six continents.

Customers using CryptoWorks will continue to be fully supported and in addition to this can now also benefit from a broader choice of content security solutions,” said Graham Kill, CEO of ******.