Firmware modified for NagraII support
Tested with Opos Freecam Xin1 N2 Fixed
PASS TEST OK on astra 19°Est & Hispasat30°West.

OPOS Freecam xin1 D+ N2 Fixed

Added Nagra2 support in cam:
-Magic Module: Magic Module multifirmware311 NAGRA2.mbf
-Joker cam : All4-1(tita,fun) NAGRAII_Crypted for cas.bin

Opos Files tested
All Firmwares modified tested

PS: when card inserted on cam wait 20 secs

In Magic Module need:

-Connect (watching the flash type)
-Erase cam
-Open and Write the correct Dreamload for Flash
-In advanced menů write 10000 in start (look screenshot)
-Open and Write multifirmware311 NAGRA2