Eutelsat wants to develop its own Digitalplattofrm with German and foreign language TV transmitters on the Hot Bird satellite.

Eutelsat CEO Guiliano Berretta stayed last week not only for the annual Eutelsat receipt in the French message in Berlin, but spoke also with different program offerers, whom he wants to win for the new digital platform over Hot Bird 13 degrees of east.

Approximately six million Free ton air boxes can directly receive the satellite fleet, without the Sat dish must be changed over, among them over two million digital set Top boxes. It is considered however as probable that at least the predominant part of the new Eutelsat platform is coded radiated.

Whether the satellite operator hereby also arena, to who owner of the federal league rights would like to offer, an alternative platform for the satellite radiant emittance, did not become commentated by a Eutelsat speaker in relation to DIGITALLY TELEVISION, in addition, not disclaimed.
One made, was called Unity Media an offer for the Sat and cable spreading it from circles of the French satellite operator.
Eutelsat reaches over cable kiosk already approximately six million households in Germany. Likewise is not clear yet, when the digital platform is to start and for which prices the programs is offered.