HDTV, Corporation; network provides broadcasters , production companies , cable companies, privet companies with global video data networks , flexible and affordable services. Our services for full-time or part-time domestic and international transmission. With our tailored video solution that meets your needs. Transmit, receive video and data any where in the world.

ABOUT HDTV, Corporation's Technology

HDTV; is a provider of global video and Data transmission services over satellite and fiber. HDTV .SOLUTION provides the most advanced Internet Protocol technology. HDTV ?s proprietary custom control software gives unsurpassed control over bandwidth. HDTV; offers guaranteed Quality of service. As mfg of our own mpeg2 set top box, our new mpeg 4 set top box an IP modem. Our network is fully protected with redundant equipment. Services is monitored 24/7 at our Network Operations Center in Brooklyn an Staten Island. From a single gateway . our customers can access domestic an international satellites. HDTV network uses the highest MPEG2 compression equipment which allows the company to provide the highest quality signal transmission at any bit rate.

HDTV?s digital mpeg2 networks capacity of full 36 MHz transponders of 110 watts transmit power for coverage of North America , Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Located on Hispasat Amazonas satellite at 61.0? west will meet all your needs. Which means a higher quality signal with no unnecessary conversion.

HDTV. CORPORATION provides full-time and part-time services to Broadcasters and Cable Providers all over North an South America.

Our company HDTV uplink has teleports around the globe offering global satellite coverage through the Intel Sat, Eutel Sat, Pan am Sat, Arab Sat, Telstar, New skies, Amazonas and other satellites.

C/KU and K band teleport services are provided from our teleports in Pakistan (Islamabad), London, and New York.

Our Antennas ranging from 2.5 meters to 13 meters across are capable of providing services to ensure high availability and top flexibility to cover any incident any where in the world.

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Whether you need a Private Network or Direct to Home . HDTV can provide a cost ?effective customized service.

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