Pinnacle systems present Digital satellite tv reception on a small USB Stick, insert the USB stick to your dektop or laptop computer and connect the small external terrestrial antenna to the stcik and here you go.

Requiring no cables, it plugs directly into the USB port of your laptop and includes Pinnacle TVCenter software, which transforms the PC into a PVR, which means you can watch TV or record in MPEG-1/-2 and DivX video formats. Pinnacle TVCenter also has timeshifting, customisable channel lists, a trial of EPG and extra-fast Teletext, along with a remote control and antenna.

However, this stick can only receive digital tv over terrestrial antena (not via satellite or digital cable) and unfortunately not much countries in the world has adapted DVB-T standard (digital video broadcast over terrestrial antenna). Only few countries in Asia and europe are enjoying this facility.

Price of this stick is arround 70us$.

more info at Pinnacle Systems