PAS 8 166E 12286 H "VTV Uruguaya" is now encrypted.
PAS 8 166E 12526 H "TV Chile" has left .
PAS 8 166E 12526 H "TVE Internacional Asia-Africa" is now encrypted.

Insat 3A 93.5E 4138 V "Ariana TV Network National and Ariana TV Network International" have started on , Fta, SR 5150, FEC 3/4, PIDs 4128/4129 and 4384/4385.
Insat 3A 93.5E 4140 V "Ariana TV Network" has left .

Thaicom 3 78.5E 3640 H "A Channel S promo" has started on , Fta, PIDs 1001/1002.

Telstar 10 76.5E 12650 V "Hakka TV has replaced ETTV Shopping 1" on , Fta, PIDs 1824/1825.ETTV Shopping 2, ETTV News, ETTV Movie and LS Time Movie are now Fta.

Yamal 202 49E 3970 L "Telekanal Rossiya Tyumen and Radio Rossii Region Tyumen" are now encrypted.