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    Default General question re CAMS

    What is the added value of CAMs.
    If a system is unhacked then all you benifit from a CAM is that you can use a sub in various types of boxes, and if a system is hacked then... basically the same benifit, or am I missing something?

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    CAM-modules are meant to decode certain coding systems whether it is hack or un-hacked. You need a ****** CAM to decode ****** broadcasts. And if you want to decode Seca broadcasts, you will need a Seca CAM. But keep in mind. It will take more than the correct type of CAM alone to view a coded broadcast. So you will not only need a Seca CAM to view a Seca coded broadcast. You will need a valid smart card too.

    I would like to take the opportunity to correct a very common mistake. It is not the CAM, nor the card that decodes/unscrambles the movie, documentary or whatever it is you are watching. It is the MPEG decoder in your receiver which takes care of that.

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    Default Thanks for the answer. Have another one

    How come some providers will include a CAM in their system while others, like Videoguard will not allow it?

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    Because Videoguard is a tight arsed greedy system.

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    Default I'm looking for a serious answer

    What it is about CAMs that hackers like so much (besides it's mobility) and that some providers find a threat



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