Films on Multivision 05th / 12th February


Satellite: Hotbird 6

Position: 13.0 East

Frequency: 11662V

Encryptions: Viacc*ss 2 & TPScr*pt

February 5 to February 12

The films given are only meant has a guide and could be in French language or even a different film provided by the provider. Correct as on the TPS website and no I do not ''know the times'' they are shown?


Before Sunset (2004) (Multi 2) NEW Drama / Romance

Starring Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Vernon Dobtcheff and Louise Lemoine Torres. Directed by Richard Linklater.

Jesse, a writer from the US, and Celine, a Frenchwoman working for an environment protection organization, acquainted nine years ago on the train from Budapest to Vienna, meet again when Jesse arrives in Paris for a reading of his new book. As they have only a few hours until his plane leaves, they stroll through Paris, talking about their experiences, views and whether they still love each other, although Jesse is already married with a kid.


The Beat That My Heart Skipped (De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté (2005) NEW Crime / Drama (French / English / Mandarin / Russian language)

Starring Romain Duris, Niels Arestrup, Jonathan Zaccaï and Gilles Cohen. Directed by Jacques Audiard.

Twenty-eight-year-old Tom leads a life that might be termed as criminal. In doing so, he follows in the footsteps of his father, who made his money from dirty, and sometimes brutal, real estate deals. Tom is a pretty hard-boiled guy but also strangely considerate as far as his father is concerned. Somehow he appears to have arrived at a critical juncture in his life when a chance encounter prompts him to take up the piano and become a concert pianist, like his mother. He senses that this might be his final opportunity to take back his life. His piano teacher is a Chinese piano virtuoso who has recently come to live in France. She doesn't speak a lick of French so music becomes the only language they have in common. Before long, Jacques' bid to be a better person means that he begins to yearn for true love. But, when he finally has the chance of winning his best friend's wife, his passion only succeeds in scaring her. And then, one day, his dubious past comes to light...


Rapid Fire (2005) (TV) (Descente infernale) NEW Thriller / Action (13th February)

Starring Emy Aneke, Lauro Chartrand, David Cubitt and Brendan Fletcher. Directed by Kari Skogland.

A desperate band of Militia men attempts a daylight bank robbery in the sleepy semi-rural City of Norco, California, and leads the local Police on the longest, most violent running gun battle in Law Enforcement history. Based on the true events.


Alfie (2004) (Multi 2) Comedy / Drama

Starring Jude Law, Renée Taylor, Jane Krakowski, Jeff Harding and Marisa Tomei. Directed by Charles Shyer.

In Manhattan, the British limousine driver Alfie (Jude Law) is surrounded by beautiful women, most of them clients, and he lives as a Don Juan, having one night stands with all of them and without any sort of commitment. His girl-friend and single-mother Julie (Marisa Tomei) is quite upset with the situation and his best friends are his colleague Marlon (Omar Epps) and his girl-friend Lonette (Nia Long). Alfie has a brief affair with Lonette, and the consequences of his act forces Alfie to reflect and wonder about his life style.


Brice de Nice (2005) (Multi 5) Comedy (French language)

Starrimg Jean Dujardin, Clovis Cornillac, Élodie Bouchez and Bruno Salomone. Directed by James Huth.

A wannabe surfer parties on the French Riviera while awaiting the perfect wave.


Killer Bash (2005) (TV) (Multi 7) NEW Horror

Starring Raquel Riskin, Cory Monteith, Tara Wilson, Alicia Jones and Lindsay Maxwell. Directed by David DeCoteau.

Thirty years ago, Robert Hyde, an outcast college student, was killed in a fraternity prank by the five members of the Delta boys. Since then, his tortured spirit has been haunting the campus, waiting for the perfect opportunity for revenge. A generation has passed and the sons of his five murderers are the new big men on campus - and Robert has the perfect plan to kill every one of them. He’s taking over the body of Becky Jekyll, a misfit campus loser. She changes from ugly duckling to sorority swan, assuring her entry into the in-crowd’s inner circle. Becky doesn’t understand what’s happening to her, but she loves her newfound popularity. She fears she’s going insane when her special powers start causing tragic accidents and the Delta boys begin dropping one by one.


Antidote, L' (2005) (Multi1 & 5) Comedy (French language)

Starring Christian Clavier, Jacques Villeret, Agnès Soral and Annie Grégorio. Directed by Vincent De Brus.

JAM (Christian Clavier), a French "master of the universe" is on the brink of a major takeover when he starts suffering from anxiety attacks. His doctor (Lhermite) thinks it is to do with childhood experiences and suggests he searches back in his mind to something that could be the trigger and will prove to be the antidote. Enter André Morin reprising his role of the amiable "con" (idiot) who proves wiser than everyone. Morin is a smalltime accountant who has become a champion of the little man – the small shareholders who are taken for granted by today's business leaders more interested in power and wealth.


Ladder 49 (Piège de feu) (2004) (Multi 2) Action / Drama / Thriller

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, John Travolta, Jacinda Barrett and Robert Patrick. Directed by Jay Russell.

Under the watchful eye of his mentor Chief Mike Kennedy (Travolta), probationary firefighter Jack Morrison (Phoenix) matures into a seasoned veteran at a Baltimore fire station. Jack has reached a crossroads, however, as the sacrifices he's made have put him in harm's way innumerable times and significantly impacted his relationship with his wife and kids. Responding to the worst blaze in his career, he becomes trapped inside a 20-story building. And as he reflects on his life, Chief Kennedy frantically coordinates the effort to save him.


Tout Pour Plaire (Multi 3 & 4) NEW (French / English language) Comedy

Starring Mathilde Seigner, Anne Parillaud, Judith Godrèche and Mathias Mlekuz. Directed by Cécile Telerman.

Three women in their late thirties, one with marital problems, one trying to be perfect, and a spinster, discuss their relationship to men.


Un fil à la patte (2005/I) (Multi 5) NEW Comedy / Romance (French language)

Avec Emmanuelle Béart, Charles Berling, Dominique Blanc and Jacques Bonnaffé. Directed by Michel Deville.

Despite the fact that they love each other, a couple realize that they must "find" other (and rich) people in order to keep their frivolous, costly lives.


Alanis Morissette NEW

Live in Las Vegas

Multivision 6 Duration: 60 MIN

Concert (Pop & Rock)



Live in New York

Multivision 6 Duration: 90 MIN

Concert (Rap)

Regards Satdude.