Canal+ and the chains of the Satellite Canal bouquet(CSD France) were pirated in Algeria thanks to a pack ADSL distributed by Fawri.
Provided with a demodulator XTREME and a connection ADSL, the fans of cinema manage to pirate Canal More. Indeed, certain specialists in the numerical demonstrations pirate the programs of Satellite Channel thanks to a connection ADSL offered by Fawri, a subsidiary company of Algeria Telecom. It is in particular thanks to a numerical demonstration currently on sale, the XTREME, that one can decipher the coded signal of Satellite Channel. It is enough to connect the microcomputer connected with the ADSL with a c*rd USB to the demonstration and to transfer the whole to tele. The Internet and more particularly the ADSL decode the coded signals of Channel More and transfer them in light towards television. It is a kind of second decoder, a data processing specialist specifies us who currently pirates Canal Plus "It is by looking at publicity on the French chains of television" Last nine Telecom ", which offers the Internet as well, that the satellite telephone and bouquets, that certain data processing specialists realised that one could collect the programs of Channel More by bais of the ADSL ", it specifies.
The ADSL thus decodes the codes of Channel More, which are changed each evening by the super Mediagard decoder. But to have a good connection, it is necessary to have the ADSL H24. But, for a few days, the ADSL Fawri has known some disturbances, which obliged certain amateurs to subscribe at the same time with the EEPAD.