It will go in wave on the national television Raidue, the first edition of the new paranormal drama "4400", six episodes produced from Francis Ford Coppola with the Paramount Pictures, that they have collected enormous happening of public in the United States where has toed make one's debut in the course of July 2004, transmitted on the channel via cable USA Network.
The series narrates of 4400 individuals that, as a result of the unexpected and not violent landing of a comet on the Earth, ricompaiono on our Planet, when all had believed them by now, after 50 years from their disappearance, died. Instead they have been kidnapped from other human beings that live in a future temporal dimension much far one from ours and that they have decided rispedire to the sender, for the good of the humanity and in order to save it from an imminent and dangerous planetary disaster, the hundreds of "hostages".
Returning on the Earth the 4400 protagonists, even if they do not appear for null changed in their physical aspect, have, instead, acquired paranormali powers, divinatorie and taumaturgiche abilities.
A must see series