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Thread: Dvbviewer 3.1.2

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    Default Dvbviewer 3.1.2

    DVBViewer allows you to experience Digital TV on your PC. With a B2C2 based DVB-S satellite card you can enter the world of digital entertainment and experience high quality, incredibly sharp TV pictures and near CD quality radio!

    It provides all basic functions you need to enjoy digital television and radio programs. In addition, DVBViewer offers you a wide range of advanced features such as Teletext, Electronic Programming Guide, Remote Control support and enhanced recording capabilities which enable you to record your favourite shows on hard-disc, edit them or share them with your friends.

    DVBViewer contains functions which are groundbreaking: It was the first program with a so called DesktopTV mode and in its category the only product which offers AC-3 and Timeshifting features.

    What's new in DVBViewer Pro v.3.1.0

    - added: Skystar1 CI support (100% Twinhan compatible model)
    - added: default DVD subtitle and default language can be selected in DVD-Options
    - added: DVD Speedcontrol with OSD-Left/Right
    - added: Common Interface support incl. MMI Window
    - added: EPG Filter for broadcasters with multiple event information languages
    - added: graphless timeshift and recording
    - added: Ability to call OSD-pages via sendmessage commands directly (useful for girder).
    - added: more options inside the recorder window
    - added: DVD: default subtitle and default language can be selected in DVD-Options
    - added: DVDplayback: Added prev. + next chapter to contextmenu (OSD-Blue).
    - added: General: Added ability to create custom home menus
    - added: General: If a afterrec action is to be executed the user gets a 20 secs. warning so he can cancel the action.
    - added: General: Middle Mousebutton opens OSD, if closed.
    - added: General: On ending Mediaplayback last viewed channel is tuned
    - added: General: Prev / Next in Playlist via remote/keyboard
    - added: General: The "don't exit if recording in xx minutes" Option is also applied on afterrec actions.
    - added: General: The sendmessage commands now works also with the OSD.
    - added: General: TS and mpeg2 playback now can use the filesource -> replay recording while recording.
    - added: Mediaplayback: Context menu where DVD-Subtitle and Language can be selected
    - added: Mediaplayback: Context menu with media control
    - added: Mediaplayback: Context menu with OSD-Blue
    - added: Mediaplayback: OSD-Red in DVD-mode calls DVD-Menu
    - added: OSD-EPG: EPG-Search for timeline, ChannelEPG and What's now EPG in context menu.
    - added: OSD-Home: Context menu where DVD-subtitle and language can be selected
    - added: OSD-Home: Context menu with media control
    - added: OSD-Home: Context menu with OSD-Blue
    - added: OSD-Home: OSD-Menuitem for disableAV
    - added: OSD-Home: OSD-Red in DVD-mode calls DVD-Menu
    - added: OSD-Home: OSD-Red now calls what's now window.
    - added: OSD-Home: OSD-Yellow calls favourites menu in LiveTV mode.
    - added: OSD-MiniEPG Skin: Added color markers to show which colorbutton shows which info.
    - added: OSD-MiniEPG: OSD-Red calls the Timeline
    - added: OSD-Musicoption "Assume yes on autoplay" of Audio-CDs to get rid of the dialogbox
    - added: OSD-Musicoptions in OSD
    - added: OSD-Musicoptions OSD skinfile
    - added: OSD-Recordings: "Save info" menuitem added to popupmenu
    - added: OSD-Teletext: OSD-Left / Right shows subpages (if available)
    - added: OSD-Teletext: OSD-OK shows page 100
    - added: OSD-Teletext: OSD-Up/Down switches pages up/down
    - added: OSD-Teletext: The last page shown is remembered until a new channel is tuned.
    - added: OSD-Timeline: Noon, Afternoon, Evening, late Evening as directjump via contextmenu
    - added: OSD-Timeline: switch single/overview mode via contextmenu
    - added: OSD-Timelineoptions in OSD for setting times of above mentioned
    - added: OSD-Timelineoptions in OSD skinfile
    - added: Recordingwindow: Added hint showing the complete timerinfo if mouse is over a timer.
    - added: Recordingwindow: Added recordingtype to timerlist (single, repeating, instant).
    - added: Recordingwindow: Added runningstatus to timerlist (waiting, recording, disabled).
    - added: VCR: Ability to stop and change running VRP recordings (needs newest VRP).
    - added: Zoomsettings: Recallable zoomsetting (0..3) added. Also to OSD-function-engine -> callable via OSD.
    - added: OSD-Channels: If a recording is running only channels on the same transponder are shown.
    - changed: DisableAV: Now uses the DVBViewersource mechanism.
    - changed: General: Musicplayback isn't stopped anymore when starting a slideshow
    - changed: General: Remote PowerOff calls normal or extended exit, configure it in Options/shutdown
    - changed: General: When selecting exit while recording a dialogbox is show to confirm exit.
    - changed: Mediaplayback: If playing a audio file OSD-Left/Right control the volume not speed.
    - changed: Options: Optimized options applying for OSD (should be faster)
    - changed: OSD-DetailEPG: Timeout now is always menu timeout
    - changed: OSD-MiniEPG: closes also on OSD-OK
    - changed: OSD-MiniEPG: Timeout only while switching channels
    - changed: OSD-Timer: Color marker for status: red = recording, green = OK, Yellow = conflict, blue = disabled
    - changed: OSD-Timer: Context menu item enable/disable Timer
    - changed: OSD-Timer: now sorted by date
    - changed: Recodingwindow: Defaultvalues for new timer if nothing is selected
    - changed: Recordingwindow: The Channellist width can now be adjusted.
    - changed: Timeshift: OSD-Left/Right now control the volume if watching a timeshift recording
    - changed: VCR: Better integration of VRP-Plugin.
    - changed: VCR: Disabling a running recording or canceling it doesn't trigger the after recaction anymore.
    - changed: VCR: Instantrecording now use default recording action.
    - changed: XML: Completely reworked xml-support, no need for MS-xml anymore.
    - changed: Zoomsettings: Left/Top Offset now with smaller range (-500 .. 500) instead of -1000..1000.
    - fixed: EPG-Window: programmed recordings didn't use default disableAV
    - fixed: General: Channelswitching or starting mediafile caused only partial display of picture in htpcmode
    - fixed: General: Create infofile was ignored
    - fixed: General: Inputdialog didn't accepted Input
    - fixed: General: Minor skinproblems
    - fixed: General: Up/Downcontrol calculated wrong fontheight resulting in ugly display of recording dialog.
    - fixed: General: Wrong medianame in Mediaview when file opened with filemenu
    - fixed: Options: Weatheroptions: were not saved correctly
    - fixed: OSD-ChannelEPG: If no valid Channel was tuned the window didn't show up.
    - fixed: OSD-Cutout: when setting overscan values it wasn't positioned right
    - fixed: OSD-Home: Menuscrolling only if menu is visible and mouse in scrollsensitive area.
    - fixed: OSD-Musicplaylist: Clearing of Playlist didn't work
    - fixed: OSD-Musicplaylist: Showing current playing item now updates correctly
    - fixed: OSD-Musicplaylist: Under certain circumstances the database update of a scan wasn't successful
    - fixed: OSD-Slideshow: interrupts recordings
    - fixed: OSD-Timeline: now shows actual channel as selected
    - fixed: OSD-Timer: disabled timers can't cause a conflict anymore
    - fixed: OSD-Videoplaylist: Clearing of playlist didn't work
    - fixed: OSD-Videoplaylist: Showing current playing item now updates correctly
    - fixed: OSD: Disable mouse was ignored
    - fixed: OSD: Inputdialog ignored videowindow settings.
    - fixed: Recordingoptions: Changed max. recordingtime to 1439 minutes.
    - fixed: Recordingwindow: Changing the channel didn't enable update-button.
    - fixed: Recordingwindow: DisableAV checkbox wasn't moved when resizing window
    - fixed: Recordingwindow: DisableAV default value was ignored if nothing is selected
    - fixed: Recordingwindow: endless Refreshloop
    - fixed: Recordingwindow: Repeating timer date-display wasn't correctly updated after finishing recording
    - fixed: Timeshift: Jump in timeshift now works as expected.
    - fixed: VCR: DisableAV with one recording wasn't activated, if the recording-channel was on the same transponder
    - fixed: VCR: If "tune channel" as recording action is selected, the channel will only be tuned once.
    - fixed: VCR: Multiple calls of recording plugins
    - fixed: VCR: Now calculating the epg info before recording starts, so the filename is correct.
    - fixed: VCR: Now recording PAT and PMT for TS files.
    - fixed: problem with network client under windows 2000
    - fixed: problem with nordic DVB Subtitles
    - fixed: a couple of smaller bugs
    - fixed: Problem with ATSC Cards
    - updated: General: WindowDef.xml has now version 1.06
    - updated: languagefiles

    Dvbviewer 3.1

    Dvbviewer 3.1.2 setup.exe

    DVBViewer Plugins

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    Not found sau am uitat eu ceva
    Video: Vu+Uno (HDD 80Gb) /offset 1.2 H-H/42E<=>30W;
    Optibox Gekko Cable HD
    Audio: Harman Kardon HK680+Monitor Audio B2+WD Elements Play (2Tb)

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    1.6 Offset Al, Invacom 0.3dB, VBOX 2 Moteck, DVB: Pinnacle PCTV-Sat, act. 18'' , 75°E <> 30°W , DM500s / Focus KSF100 / 2x DigiTV 1160NA / 1x Humax Digi-plus / 0.3dB Gold+0.8m Offset / BOOM TV



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