hello Mr.Saeed (U r an expert teacher hence your responsability is more)
Idea given by you, working well Up to a certain extent. Thanks a lot. Indeed, now I don’t want give you a lot of burden specially a nice man like you. Just give me the ‘link’ where exactly this tutorial Material is available in this forum. And or tell me after PID scanning I’m getting some values which I noted down, the line which are like this

2010 MPE(40), IP(40), UDP(40),
2015 MPE (3), IP(3), UDP(3)
2016 MPE(1), IP(1), UDP(1)

and then I close this PID scanner window and went to file grabber.
file grabber is a window looks like a pop up window. In which there are three blank Boxes (spaces) present. And this is the thing (boxes or spaces) causing me confusion where to put these noted values .and how? Because access is in only one in first Box (titled as services) where there is already some thing (words) present like (sat gate, xantic, Bizarnet, new services,etc)
and when I put my noted value in to this(services) access box and click start some another values appearing bellow PID column and if I click start after keeping pre available words like (sat gate, xantic, Bizarnet, new services etc.) another few values are appearing in blank space of Statistics box titled by PID ----Traffic-----Filtered,
so what I have to do next
Please possibly help me once again, explaining the things step by step.
As you have generated an extreme enthusiastic interest in me to learn this

Great thanks once again for your usual cooperation and help