enigma2: 4.3.2r1
* Unicable: Add Spaun SUS 41 FX. Mark all Spaun UniSEqC switches as unicable 2 compatible.
* Softwaremanager: Add automatic update checks (optional)
* Improve help dialog for "ConfigSets" like the SCR selection for FBC Tuners by using the new horizontal listbox
* Add support for Dreambox Bluetooth Remote Control (Wizard, (dis)connection, haptic feedback, LED color)
* Add Radio mode to main menu
* Smoother animations (more about this in the developers section)
* Add .txt support to ServiceEvent - as suggested by dr.best - see below for examples
* Fix crash on satfinder/rotor plugin (rare)
* Fix mixed up languages in event description (rare)
* Fix initial seek to 0 when meta file is missing
* Fix missing subtitles on some channels
* Fix some hardcoded strings (-> make them translatable)
* Fix crash in Browser menu when cookies have invalid dates
* Fix/Workaround some ChannelContextMenu/MovieContextMenu overlap issues (set IS_DIALOG=False again)
* Fixes for the MediaDatabase (add reset option, fix multiple issues)
* Numerous other fixes and cleanups

* New input device "dreambox remote control (bluetooth le)"
* Fallback to "dreambox advanced remote control (native)" when there is no specific keymap for "dreambox remote control (bluetooth le)"
* Converter.EvenTime/ServicePosition: don't start when suspended
* EPGCache: fix missing stop signal when nothing was found
* eListBox
* Add "Grid" mode (see the twitch plugin on opendreambox/enigma2-plugins for a working example)
* Add "Horizontal" mode (see Screens.ConfigSetHelpDialog)
* Add TYPE_TEXT_ALPHABLEND for alphablending blending text+background in listboxes(see twitch)
* Add horizontal scrollbar (using eSlider)
* ePixmap: add scale type "fill": always fills the target pixmap. Keeps the source aspect by cutting one axis (only if source aspect != target aspect)
* Graphics Subsystem (GDI)
* Reintroduce triple buffering including a frame limiter that defaults to ~60fps
* Sync animation timestamps for all windows and widgets (smoother animations when used together with triple buffering)
* GLES: add a depth-buffer fix for dr.best

ServiceEvent txt format examples (skip the -------------------------- in the real files)
1 - not.too.good.movie.txt
title=Some movie that ain't that good
duration=8086 (not intel!)
long-description=You should save your time and watch something else instead!

2 - My.favorite.series.txt
title=Best seasons ever
long-description=This episode is epic!