I am using 4 satellites (4 SINGAL POL LNBS) which is connected to THREE

diffrent DISEQC switches through splitters for three receivers.

Others receivers working perfectly with same DISEQC SWITCHES one of

them is ASTRX but i have problem with HUMAX which i am getting only

signals from only two lnbs.

when i was configuring the antenna setting & manual search i got signal

from all four lnbs..

but when i tried to change channels from the list i was only getting two

satellite signal but other two were showing bad signals.

I am using TOH-HOT 5.3 firmware and i have experienced many time

HUMAX hanged up...

i have used two diffrent DISEQC SWITCHES 1.0 & 2.0 but same problem


could it possible to add the satellite with frequencies in humax through

PC...becuse i cannot find asiasat,pas 10,insat antennas


can anyone explain what's going wrong...