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    Default How to copy Any DVD movie with NERO!!

    What you need:

    1. DVD Burner (if you don't have this you don't need to read on)
    2. AnyDVD from
    3. Nero Recode (NeroVision Express) from

    Stage one: the dL0adZ

    SlySoft AnyDVD v5.7.2.1

    dL0ad the latest version of AnyDVD from this location:
    (latest version at the time of this tutorial was v5.7.2.1)

    NeroVision Express v3.

    dL0ad NeroVision Express from this location:
    (latest version at the time of this tutorial was v3.1.0.21)

    After install, use this Serial to Register it! 1A23-0027-7030-1209-4431-5168

    Stage two: the SetUP

    Install both the apps, then Restart your Computer.

    Start AnyDVD
    Click the DVD settings tab.
    Choose your Region.
    Tick ALL the boxes at the bottom.

    Click the 'CD Digital Audio' tab.
    Make sure this box is Ticked.

    Click the 'Drive' tab.

    Here, it shows you your DVD Burner which should already be ticked
    if it isn't, make sure you Tick the box beside your Burner in the display.

    'Enable Speed Control' should NOT be ticked as Nero will take control
    of this function while your DVD is Ripping and Burning.

    Click the 'Program' tab.
    Choose your Language.
    Tick the bottom boxes 1, 2 and 3.
    The last two boxes should NOT be ticked.

    All other settings should be left Default so click OK (bottom right).

    Start Nero Recode.
    Click 'Copy Entire DVD to DVD' (the top one).
    Click the 'More' tab (bottom left).
    Click the 'Profiles' button.

    Here, we will configure Nero Recode and save your settings for for future use.

    Click the 'Video' tab.
    Make sure 'Assign best quality to Main Movie' is Ticked.
    Also, the 'Keep all menus in original quality' should be Ticked.

    Click the 'Audio' Tab.
    The bottom and top boxes should be Ticked.
    'English' should be displayed.
    'Dolby Digital' should also be displayed.
    All other Settings can be left at Default.

    Click the 'New' button (top right).
    Type in ANY name and click OK to save your settings.

    Click the 'Options' tab (bottom left).
    Here, is where we configure Nero Recode.

    Click the 'DVD' tab.
    Tick boxes 1, 3 and 4 only.

    Click the 'Nero Digital' tab.

    Click the 'Ask me to confirm which files need a second pass' tab.
    Change this to 'Don't ask me, Never do a second pass'.
    All other Settings can be left at Default.

    Click the 'Preview Window' tab.
    Make sure this says 'Multichannel'

    Now click OK, all other settings can be left Default.

    Stage three: the Copying

    Goto your local Movie Rental store and hire ANY movie you want to Burn.

    Now your wondering how this will work, it works because AnyDVD has already taken
    the Macro-vision (copy protection) off from the DVD you are about to Rip and Burn.

    Make sure DVD-Video Files is selected (top left).

    Click the 'Import DVD' tab (top right).
    Browse to your DVD-Rom, click to highlight it and click OK.

    Nero Recode will now 'Analise' the DVD before the Copy Process begins.
    After this is done, Click Next (bottom right).

    At the top 'Destination' click the tab and choose 'Your DVD Burner'.
    Folder for temporary files is where you want Recode to Rip the DVD to before Burning.

    (this should be at least 5 GB free space on your Hard Drive).

    Click the 'Browse' tab.
    Browse to where you want Nero Recode to Rip to.
    (i usually just make a folder in MyDocuments and just Rip it there).

    Click the 'Burn' tab. (bottom right).

    Nero Recode will now Rip your DVD and then Eject it.

    After eject, put a blank DVD in your DVD Recorder.

    Click OK.


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    Este binevenit acest topic!
    Parerea mea este ca InterVideo DVD Copy Platinum este mult mai bun decat DVDShrink. Este adevarat ca dureaza putin mai mult, dar rezultatele conversiei sunt vizibil mai bune.
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    Default DVDFab Platinum (Gold Mode)

    DVDFab Platinum

    Pe asta l-ati incercat .Mi se pare bun si are si posibilitatea de a imparti un DVD9 in DVD5 cu pastrarea functionalitatii meniului.Iar referitor la ce a scris @le099 cititi si asta:

    Lavasoft ARIES Rootkit Remover


    Lavasoft is pleased to launch a new Project ECO Tool, the ARIES Rootkit Remover,
    to get rid of the rootkit developed by First4Internet used by Sony BMG
    to hide their DRM (Digital Rights Management) software.The ARIES Rootkit Remover
    developed by Lavasoft provides the means to locate and permanently
    remove the Sony rootkit from the system and disable the rootkit's ability
    to run once more after reboot. This standalone tool is a reliable, trustworthy,
    and safe way of removing the rootkit--unlike Sony's own rootkit remover
    that has been known to cause blue screens.
    This primarily protects consumers and ensures privacy.
    The tool is developed by Lavasoft in line with our common goals to steer
    computing environment towards better standards.

    tested and it works

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    Nu am afirmat decat ca: InterVideo DVD Copy Platinum este mult mai bun decat DVDShrink. Poti vedea un test facut cu mai multe programe AICI. Am facut si eu un test folosind filmul "Troy" si rezultatul mi-a confirmat testul. Acum depinde foarte mult si ce pretentii ai, dar dupa cate stiu din posturile scrise de tine, nu cred ca dupa ce vei face si tu un astfel de test vei mai lucra vreodata cu DVDShrink.
    Postul meu nu a avut nici o remarca la DVDIdlePro.

    Cat despre Nero... F**k him! What the hell is TMF Imi aparea aceasta eroare de fiecare data cand incercam sa fac un Data DVD. ...and then CRUSH! La Burn Image mergea OK. Asa ca am renuntat la el. Mai exista si altele, care merg OK, nu consuma resurse si au cativa MB...
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