How Can I activate Mgcamd 1.0 emu on Gemini 2.6 image on DreamBox 7020s ?

After FTP the file mgcamd_1.00_051112.tar.bz2 to /tmp Ive installed emu via blue button and set the proper rights CHMODE 755.
Everything seemed to be fine I can see the cam in add-on menu, I can start and stop I can even see mgcam in sysproceses (as sleeping mode) I have plugged the official smart card with a valid subscription (I hope) but I cannot decode (Viaccess + Conax) the channels I was suppose to.

BTW Ive successfully installed another plug-in Card_Info_Center, which says:
that displays some infos about the smart cards inserted into the dreambox's smart card readers.
Useful for knowing the subscription status of the card. Works on all 1.09 images when cardserver is running.
This means that Newcamd emu (or Mgcamd) must be installed and activated.

Of course Ive got the message that emus are not activated ;-(

Any idea would be very welcomed.