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    Wink xdome 1000 and sky hd

    I've seen there is a bit of confusion about this item in Italy, so I can imagine it could be more difficult outside the borderline to understand how this item could work and if it is perfectly fit to all sky italy smartcards.

    Look at such problem.
    Xdome factory takes from sky the royalties to produce a box perfectly fit to italian nds working mode and ratified from the provider itself.
    What's happened so?
    After nds italy has approved xdome hardware project it has be released a part of code to be implemented by xdome technical staff into their new product to work fine with italian nds.
    So you have a set-top-box perfectly fit to italian nds smartcards in its internal slot and fit by common interface slot to each other existing provider.

    So, having that stuff both dvb-s2 than dvb-t tuner you could use your sky italy subscription into internal smartcard slot and a mediaset premium card (if you live in italy o just very near to its borderlines) + a samsung cam in the common interface slot and so on and watch two encrypted providers at same time.
    Of course, xdome is an official approved item and there is no 999x error on it, that can't be absolutely conceived as (an alternative box as linux ones).

    Ok this situation worked very fine untill November 2013 of course.
    Since then, with new hardware pairing nds introduction, all new nds set-top-box (offical sky and xdome too) need to be activated for HD working mode.
    This new way is introduced from notice on screen "errore 07" and communication of card serial of and sbt_id to the provider.

    So you need to call sky and communicate them the elements they need.
    It's ever better if you have an italian friend and he can call sky for you for such stuff, because often call center operator know very few yet about this issue and need to ask to technical sector before.
    So if they ask you a phone number to be call back later you can't give them a foreign number!

    Last advice.
    When you call, please don't tell them about xdome and others, because they can't understand a crap.
    Simply say: "hello, I've such problem and I'm going to work, I have 07 error and on screen smarcard number, sbt_id bla, bla... that I've here... I have a white box at home..."
    After the upgrade your xdome will go very fine with Sky italy hd channels too.

    P.S. if your card is of last typology (with internal pair check) it's possible no channels work on xdome by default, yet if card is already active.
    Don't worry

    After the procedure everything will be fine again and you'll be able to watch your favorite subscription without any kind of issue.

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    this is why Murdo will NOT make your life easy in NDS world

    3 card slot reader this is something
    looking for JSTV subscribers. & 9 east



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