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    Wink Hwkey, ekpair, thompson d310 and other bullshits

    Hi, folks,

    I've just find a bit of time to talk about some stuff inspired from some questions done in a thread in italian section related to thompson and oscam r45 in which many have replied without any answer to the original questions.
    So I'm going to articulate my reasoning into two points, one related to hwkey, ekpair and thompson and how that's arrived into sky italy stuff and the other realted to the questions of the thread I quoted.

    Point 1
    As readers know the greatest Sky italy problem in the past two years was relative to 999x error, that blocked all cards that stayed in the emus.
    But since November 2013, when hd channels for sky italy ceased to work into emus: a second great issue seems grow sad all linux boxes owners

    This terrible stuff was the outcome of news datacom counter-measure that in according with all the world nds providers place a pairing issue on card put into an emu, forcing people to use the original box to have a complete viewing.

    Untill that date no pairing issue has never stricken Sky italia customers: except for error 999x you can use since 2010 without any problem your smart card into all skybox or emus, because the card works everywhere.
    But, since then, each card had to be used only into an official skybox hd or you could not have vision on hd channels.

    Ok, the first absurd problem origin was related to a codec issue. Not so much users are really so good to watch a log indeed
    But if someone watch to a log to show immediately what the real problem were: a pairing issue.

    Sky italy never adopted any pairing, and not it was now stricto sensu, but it meant that pairing issue suddenly appeared when you put your card in a dreambox while no problem if you used it in every other skybox.

    So it is since then that begin to appear in italian environment too, such ravishing words as thompson, ekpair and hwkey just till then ignored from most of people.

    Let's examine that in detail.
    A) Thompson
    If someone don't know that, the hardware pairing issue in uk has anticipated Sky italia since several months.
    In Uk, there was a kind of software marriage from 2004 to 2013, where to be able to watch the premium services (cinema , movies) on an emu you needed to add the boxid of your set-top-box into emu config.
    From 2013, the News Datacom hardware pairing put off the premium services from each dreambox if the original skybox to whom the card was associated was of the new tipology.

    The unique ones just save, since then, from that pairing issue, were the lucky old thompson hd owners (as mine). In fact these boxes couldn't be upgraded to the new pair and if you marry your card to one of them you were safe from that pairing issue.

    In Italy, where pairing was unknown untill then some one began to admire this mysterious object called Thompson.

    I smile when I remember my italian friend said to me: "oh, how lucky you are in UK to have so a wonderful box.. how we'd like to have something of similar!"
    More times I tried to explain them, it was only an old box and it will not be able to stay in life forever.
    Sky Uk in fact couldn't force each thompson owner to change his box with a newer model, so the procedure needed more time; and in fact now hd channels are dispaired from thompson boxes too.
    But I immediately understood that it was impossible to persuade my italian friends there were no miracle in sky uk thompson and sooner or later it will be happen to italy too.
    And as I guessed the miraculous tommy ( ) arrived.

    It happens in one of the most fantastic italian place called Naples, where people are the best since ever to gain from each situation (tira' a 'campa' ).
    Someone clever did a great stock of thomson d310 and posted any scheme of dump and start to talk about its miracles.

    Of course the internet cattle follows the trend as ever...

    But we'll talk to thompson again to point 2, now, let's talk a bit about the other two strange terms ekpair and hwkey that nobody knew in italy untill November 2013.
    But please don't smile about that then!

    Ok, end of November/Dicember 2013 - after the awareness that codec issue was a crap, someone begin to watch around.
    It's discovered a russian site, where there is a nds section, where guys posts processor photos, scheme and others and talks about ekpair and hwkey and a resolution for nds pairing in past.

    That was related to such a provider called Viasat nordik. That resolution was about first hd block in 2009 for the first old viasat nds caid 090f.

    What this meant?
    That for the old cards series, into gbox and newcs config was implemented a section related to such ekpair and hwkey that extracted from your own receiver allowed to watch hd channels again on an emu.
    But was it really working?
    Maybe it works and , if true 5-10 guys maximum are at time ablo to watch viasat hd on their old card.
    Of course it only worked with old revision: no possibility to watch hd over new viasat card caid 093e - where there was unfortunately no solution.
    As for viasat ukraine caid 0931 of course where no channels is available into no emu, for a pairing issue yet.

    Of course, in Italy, where most of people doesn't know what Sirius satellite were, that never arrived with their small dish to 4.8 est nor for a pointing error, someone has well thoght to repeat here this stuff.
    So, that a procedure that worked once in past for an hybrid nds revision (090f caid), that never worked for other viasat caids, now shoulňd be perfectly working for sky Italy new nds cards for such a counter-measure thougt since 2010 to now!
    That's fantastic! How a great imagination we need te be capable to think something like that!

    And so, the race to discover how that damned keys could be extracted and stress to oscam team to implement that part of code relative to that old ekpair and hwkey stuff into oscam.
    Oh, how really mad we are...

    Point 2
    An ex- user asked in summary: (A) what was the new miracle about thomoson + oscam r37 , (B) why each one need to extract it's own keys to have that oscam working (C) how to extract that keys (D) why this solution shold be work for 999x

    I say immediately they're all jest of course, but let's do an analysis all these stuff.

    (A) After someone begin to have any doubts about a miracolous thomson's possible hd resolution, the clever thomson sellers rumoured that the box allowed to have extracted any hardware keys that added in oscam could fix error 999x (revision r37).
    Of course those reverie suddenly stricken our country imagination and it had to be taken as true!

    We can say that could be correct the idea that we need something to be extracted from an original box dump and added it to oscam. Old nds viasat, nagravision and viacces teach us that something similar could work.
    But why loss or times on an expensive thomson d310 when several sd skybox produced between 2007-2009 (and I won't say what types they are ) could just work better for that?
    As we know, no card get 999x error in an original sd and hd box - so we don't need inevitably just such the thomson model - but others could work better for that.
    But of course who has to gain from that, has thomoson d310 in stock yet

    (B) Point B is another incredible stuff.
    If we were in uk with married issue, or elsewhere with deep pairing issue - of course each box need its internal key extracted for oscam and worked with a specific serial only.
    But in Italy there is not a pairing stricto sensu and if it were true hardware pairing key extraction story: then such a key worked fine for all oscam and cards
    But yet, who sells thomson should sell more and more boxes he can.

    (C) How to extract these keys it's a real wonderful mystery.
    I guess luckily it will not be revealed so soon to give not such a delusion to all poor buyers

    (D) That's the most serious part of speech
    If error 999x is related to a wrong AES KEY generation, where a check take the card to error, it's true that a emu need other parameters for that generation to respect de decoding process correctly.
    So after the dump. the understanding of what need, where is what we need, and could take it, we need a emu who could well reproduce the process.
    But if 999x is not an Aes key stuff (as it's really possible it is) - this would be simply a bad money expense and loss of time in synthesis.

    So here, some simple considerations.

    A good day to you, mates

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    “I love to talk about nothing. It's the only thing I know anything about.”

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    time ago i spoke with DeltaFox and he said that the 999x error is nothing to do with the aeskey, so for the HWKey e epair that was used for VIASAT ,in Italy the problem of the HWkey is much more different and difficult

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMajor00 View Post
    time ago i spoke with DeltaFox and he said that the 999x error is nothing to do with the aeskey, so for the HWKey e epair that was used for VIASAT ,in Italy the problem of the HWkey is much more different and difficult
    Yep, it should be ever a good thing to listen to old masters. I'm perfectly agree with him on both those issue too.
    But as often happens, we listen more to heart, to hope, to emotions than to the brain

    The worse thing about thompson d310 stuff is that guys will finish to learn nothing from that and it will be more time lost.
    That's the greatest regret

    “I love to talk about nothing. It's the only thing I know anything about.”

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    the other bullshit for me is that we cant use sky cards in internal readers they will b burned. This is other bullshit besides error9xxx
    looking for JSTV subscribers. & 9 east



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