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    Default Humax !!!!! noua realizare ce se lasa asteptata

    In sfirsit a IESIT dar are..........276Mb comprimat..........

    HumaxStudio Professional v1.1 Build: 1550 released
    ************************************************** *

    HumaxStudio Professional v1.1 public release finished, a size of 276 Mbytes compressed, installed 1588 MBytes in NTFS .

    The download won't be available until in some days, we are putting the download in several servers. The links will be available when I change the Web

    Bye Bye old Web.



    HumaxStudio Professional v1.1 Build: 1550

    HumaxStudio Professional v1.1.1550 has been released.

    HumaxStudio Professional is a package of programs able to complete all the demands of an user of low level until the advanced users and programmers.

    Release Date: 08/09/2004

    File: setup_hsp11.exe
    Size: 276.113.567 Bytes


    - Envoriment for 1280x1024 pixels with 16Bits color or more.
    - Microsoft Windows 2000 SP3/ Windows XP SP1/ Windows 2003 supported and tested.

    - 2 GBytes of free Hard Disk.
    - English and Spanish languages supported. Others ask avaliables.
    - Include ASM, DeASM, check, compile, decompile, compress, debug, decrypt, edit, emuhumax, encrypt, extract, verify, test programs.
    - HDF,SDL,IDD,HAF,RAW and BIN firmwares formats supported (Compressed or non-compressed).
    - HNF,HSF,FPF,G2F,GDF,DVB,FV3 settings formats supported.
    - Multi-Editor Settings.
    - Support for open, extract, save, compiler, decompiler, explorer Source GreeBo V1/V2.
    - Support for open, extract, save, compiler, decompiler, explorer Source Humax Digital and ID-Digital.
    - Support for add, extract and edit icons, macros, animations and others.
    - Support for converters of Settings formats HNF2DVB, HNF2GDF, HNF2G2F and HNF2FV3.
    - Support for converters of Firmware formats HDF2SDL.
    - Support for emulate the CPU TMIPS 3930, MPEG2 Philips SAA7219, SAA7215-16-21, SAA7127 encoder chip, SAA7146/7202 decoder chips.
    - Support for the CHIPS Intel TE28F/AM29LV800A/B/C3B, TE28F/AM29LV160A/B/C3B, TE28F/AM29LV320A/B/C3B
    - Support for the CHIPS of Audio, Interface and others used in the Humax.
    - Support for OSD, macros, modules, patch, plugins and drivers.
    - Full Humax GreeBo v1/v2 supported. Read/Write firmware and settings.
    - Full Humax Digital OAK decoders supported. Read/Write firmware and settings.
    - Full Humax Digital F1 decoders supported. Read/Write firmware and settings.
    - Full Humax Digital F2 decoders supported. Read/Write firmware and settings.
    - Full Humax Digital PVR decoders supported. Read/Write firmware and settings.
    - Full ID-Digital decoders supported. Read/Write firmware and settings.
    - Command Console Window.
    - Source Code Window.
    - Source files Window.
    - Memory map window.
    - Properties projects window.
    - Registers window.
    - Debugger window.
    - Breakpoints.
    - Include Launch (Support others programs non Humax-Team fourtress).
    - Emulator of Firmware for execute created Firmware or already created in HAF,HDF,SDL or IDD.
    - Improved the edition notably with new functions.
    - Own communication protocol between PC and decoder, much more efficient and surer.
    - Edit of Source proffesional.
    - Edit of Macros personalized.
    - 2 Wizards independents, one for program configuration, other for help to make some tasks, before it was everything in one single and it took to confusions :_( .
    - CRC32, MD5 checksum supported.
    - HDF-Bootloader supported.
    - Conflicting loaders supported. Bye Z-Board .
    - GreeBo v1 adapter (2002) supported.
    - GreeBo v2 adapter (2004) supported.
    - Dump.key of Humax GreeBo v2 supported.
    - Wizard for GreeBoUP packets.
    - Varied utilities, HDF Tool and PCMT Tool.
    - Include complete interactive Help.
    - Include complete documents and schematics of Humax and ID-Digital decoders, publics and secrets.
    - Include Humax GreeBo V1 and V2 source code.
    - Include firmware and settings examples.

    - Update by FTP protocol direct.
    - And much more.

    Software include - Humax-Team Fourtress Group
    - CarALL 3.1
    - GreeBo Packet V2
    - GreeBoUP v1.1
    - Key Editor Block.13
    - Wizard GreeBoUP V1


    Cracking, Zustar, DrLittle, ShinLao, Josepe and Gampy. Thanks .
    Humax-Team Fourtress. Copyright 2002-2004.

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    "oh my good unknow system"
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    cind va apare pachetul acesta, pina cind se mai lasa asteptata?

    stie cineva?
    Humax5400Z ToH3.3;Strong SRT6355;Strong4125evolution;
    Vantage VT-X121SCI;PhillipsCryptoworks; DragonCAM;YellowZetaCam; UPC-Direct; PW; Astra/Hotbird/Amos/Sirius

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    Default re

    Cica si-au inchis si ei activitatea:,Dar s-ar putea sa fie o smecherie! Vad ca si P.H. numai vrea sa faca nimic!S-ar putea sa fie o intelegere intre ei ! si dupa un timp sa apara noul soft si firmware! Inca nu se mai stie nimic!Om traii si om vedea!
    TGV,Antena 1.8 si 1.6
    Lnb Invacom,Cas2.Multiprog ,Humax 5400,5300!MM,titanium.UPC,+Dolby Digital Home Cinema Sony!

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    Default Sp

    Eu am citit pe la spanioli ca vor sa faca si o modificare hardware,memorie mai mare etc.
    Are cineva pdf de la caracteristicile lui humi 5400z?

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    Salutare tuturor.
    Vad ca aveti un 5400.
    Merita banii decit un premier 7000s sau un dreambox



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