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    Default TVMobil de pe Deambox pe Iphone in 3g..via PC (comprimare)

    TVMobil - your SAT Tv on your phone


    This app allows you to watch Sattelite TV channels from home anywhere you go!
    Live. For free. YOUR own channels.
    Never miss a live event just because you are not at home!

    Version:, 2013.

    Basic Help Page

    TVMobil is a client-server application that allows you to remote access your SAT Box from your mobile phone. You can watch on a 3G network all your channels received by your SAT Receiver.

    This document gives you basic infos about how it works and how it can be installed.

    • a compatible SAT Receiver. As of now, TVMobil supports Enigma 2 SAT receivers. ◦ Dreambox familiy (e.g. DM800, DM500, DM8000...)
    ◦ Kathrein
    ◦ other noname receivers with Enigma 2 User Interface

    • a mobile phone ◦ iPhone 4.x and above
    ◦ Android (not supported as of now, work in progress)

    • a Windows PC (Mac version in progress)

    How it works

    The server program "TV Mobil Server" must be installed on the Windows PC. The server will connect to your SAT Receiver via local LAN and will stream the video from the SAT receiver.

    The client program, "TVMobil" must be installed on your phone. The client will connect to TVMobilServer and will ask for the video data the server is streaming from the SAT receiver.

    Why so complicated ? Why not streaming directly from the SAT Receiver to the phone?

    This "detour" is necessary because the amount of data produced by the SAT Receiver is simply overwhelming for the mobile phone when the phone is connected via 3G network. The server has the role of data compressor. It reduces the data stream with a factor of 10x. In this way, the TVMobil works nicely on 3G network speed, even while moving in a vehicle.

    The TVMobilServer must be accessible from the internet, (on port number 2222). You must setup your home network such that the computer running the server has its port number 2222 accessible from "outside". The operation is called "port forwarding". Please ask Google how to configure your router to allow port forwarding to a certain computer. (it is not that complicated, but it is annoying sometimes).

    •Install and run the TVMobilServer◦Download the server installer and dbl-click on "setup.exe". Then next-next-next until it is ready.
    ◦ Open from "Programs" the Server control application. (a small Tray bar application) that allows you to start/stop/setup the server.
    ◦Open the "Settings" menu from the tray bar app
    ◦Enter a desired username and password
    ◦ Press "Create account".
    ◦Then press "Log in"
    ◦Configure your router for port forwarding: external port 2222 must be forwarded to the current computer on port 2222.
    ◦Enter the IP Address of your SAT Receiver
    ◦Press START.
    ◦ Confirm that the start button changes to "stop". This means that the server is running fine.
    ◦ The server will be configured automatically to run in background from now on, on each reboot.

    •Install the TVMobil mobile app.◦ Enter the same username and password.
    ◦ (this is needed so that the mobile app can find the TVMobilServer ip address)
    ◦ Login
    ◦ List your bouqets
    ◦ Click on some TV program and WAIT A LOONG TIME untile the actual video starts.
    ◦ Sitback and relax.

    Advanced usage and other limitations
    •TVMobil is optimized for mobile access on 3G networks. It needs about 90kbits/s for a decent quality. It works even with 60kbits/s. Of course, 150kbps is better. ◦ TVMobil is buffering about 15-30 sec of video before the actual streaming starts. This helps in case of traffic jam due to some transient network conditions.
    ◦ Because of the buffering, the actual program start is quite slow. The advanced user can theoretically change that by changing the corresponding (not documented but clearly named) values in the config file.

    •Config file: there is one, typically "hiding" in ApplicationData/Inatech.... directory. It is XML based and quite readable. Note that it is read and overwritten back at each TVMobilServer startup

    Missing features / (Soon to be added)
    1. Access to SAT Receiver recordings
    2. Access to a video library on the server PC.
    3. Faster channel startup
    4. Android version
    5. SmartTV version
    6. MAC OS server version

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    si enigma-tv face acelasi mai multe platforme(testat)

    Enigma TV SERVER is an interface working on a Windows™ PC that enable to stream your GigaBlue, Dreambox, Vu+, ITgate, Amiko (or any Enigma 1 & 2 STB) over the Internet.

    Some main features :
    - New XBMC add-on ! : control Enigma-TV from XBMC Media player.
    - New Android app ! : control Enigma-TV from your Android phone / tablet.
    - New iOS app ! : control Enigma-TV from your iPhone / iPad / iPad Mini.
    - New Windows app ! : control Enigma-TV from another PC with Windows OS.
    - New E2 plugin ! : control Enigma-TV from another Set To Box (by Toysoft).
    - Video stream compression : you will be able to watch TV on any place in the world, on any device (like on a smartphone with 3G data speed).
    - Automatically detect Enigma 1 or Enigma 2 Set Top Box (Dreambox, Vu+, Etc ...).
    - Watch any media due to the included multimedia player.
    - Built-in web interface that you can open on any devices over the Internet (Iphone, Ipad, Android phone, Android Tablet, Mac, PC).
    - Direct or programmed records on your STB HDD, on your computer HDD or any network place.
    - Multilanguage (any new language can be added).
    - Mini-TV function : only show a sizable video screen without interface and always on top of any other windows.

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    Bun. Dar spune-ne si pretul daca zici ca ai folosit asa ceva. Merita? Noi suntem invatati FREE.

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    au ceva demo pe acolo....banii pe asa ceva dau astia cu servere de IPTV...oricum suma e modica sub 10 dolari parca



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