DVB consortium on its 76th meeting in Geneva on Thursday approved a new extension specification DVB-S2 for satellite broadcasting. The new extension is known as DVB-S2X delivers up to 20 to 30 percent higher efficiency. , in some cases, can be achieved up to 50 percent greater efficiency over the existing standard DVB-S2. In addition, new operating modes increase flexibility. Specifications DVB-S2X will now be sent to the ETSI (European Telecomunications Standards Institute) for formal standardization. main impetus for the new specification DVB-S2X came from providers of professional services and applications who want to take advantage of technological advances and the increasing demand for their services. Timely approval DVB-S2X means that it can be deployed together with HEVC, the latest video coding system. It is expected that the demand for capacity will increase with regard to the planned development of content in ultra high resolution (Ultra HD) along with HEVC coding on satellite. DVB-S2X provide more options for adjusting the capacity of the multiplex and its correction. DVB-S2X allow for mobile satellite services (maritime and air transport), better resistance to interference and so on. " Satellite Industry eagerly awaited this normalization, which will help improve profitability, interoperability and achieve further growth , "said the DVB-S2X Peter