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    Default [Leaked Firmware] I9300XXUGMJ9 (Android 4.3) - Germany (Vodafone) [02-11-13]

    Exclusive: I9300XXUGMJ9 – Android 4.3 Jelly Bean leaked firmware for the Galaxy S III


    Review time for the latest leak!

    WARNING: Flashing this ROM will wipe your data.

    1.Lock screen: You get a lock screen with widgets (swipe left or right). Additionally, you can activate Daydream. You can also set your own lock-screen message. The Music Player now comes on the lock screen when playing music. See Settings below for more stuff in the lock screen settings.
    2.Notification bar: The notification bar is transparent. Also, Android 4.2 notifications are present when you press the icon in the notification drawer (taken from the S4). One finger expandable notifications are also present. The icons are newer and much cleaner.
    3.Camera: There is a new "sound & shot" mode.
    4.Calculator: It gets a brand new facelift. It looks beautiful! The features are the same.
    5.Clock: It also gets a facelift and looks much cleaner.
    6.Contacts: It has a cleaner S4-esque look. Scrolling is absolutely smooth.
    7.Gallery: Complete overhaul. It looks sexy, it's faster, and I am in love with it. The only thing missing is a transparent top bar when viewing pictures in landscape (so as not to hide the pictures). You can "change player" (wireless display). You can also hide the content in Picasa now! Phew!
    8.Group Play: Brand new Group Play. You have to open the application and download it before you can use it.
    9.Music Player: It gets a complete overhaul. Now it looks and feels like the one on the S4. It looks a lot better and gets additional features such as Smart Volume and Voice Control (which was included in S-Voice previously). Also, the Music Player now appears on the lock screen when playing music. There are new equalizer settings and the volume seems to be louder, too.
    10.My Files: It gets new folder icons and new icons for Device Storage and SD Memory Card.
    11.S-Voice: We get the updated S-Voice (taken from the S4).
    12.Video: The video player looks really sexy now. Awesome update!
    13.App permissions: App permissions are cleaner; Jellybean 4.3 style!
    14.Partitioning: Since this is Jellybean 4.3, your partitions will be changed.
    15.Clear Defaults: New menu option for clearing default applications. Accessible by long pressing the menu button.
    16.Move-to-SD-card: Samsung have given us the option to move apps to the SD card in the Application Manager.
    17.Gear Manager: For connecting to Galaxy Gear.
    18.Animations, icons, and text: Newer and more slick animations and icons throughout. The text has been changed, too. They look much cleaner.
    19.Video drivers: Video drivers have been updated.
    20.Android 4.3 goodies: You get all the goodies that come with Android 4.3. For a complete list, see the official Android website.
    21.RAM: Total RAM available is 828mb.
    Settings: The settings menu has been completely revamped and it looks like the tabbed settings menu in the Galaxy S4.•Lock Screen: You have only one unlock effect; Ripple. You can choose between a personal message and a clock. You can enable or disable multiple widgets.
    •Display: You now have adaptive display and professional photo display in Screen Mode. Daydream is included here.
    •Sound: Samsung keyboard settings seem to be implemented here, too (vibration and key sound).
    •Call: Call settings finally get a proper place under Settings.
    •Hands-free mode: A new hands-free mode is under My Device in Settings.
    •Smart Screen: Smart Stay and Smart Rotation are included here.
    •Voice Control: It is now listed under settings.
    •Battery: Display battery percentage is also an option under Battery.
    •Samsung keyboard: It is brand new and improved. It now comes with extra options (Auto replacement) and a more-organized options menu.

    Things Not Included:
    1.Touchwiz update: Touchwiz did not get the proper S4 update.
    2.Newer Widgets: Unfortunately, widgets have not been updated.
    3.Camera update: The camera app has not been updated to look like the Galaxy S4 one. Additionally, you don't get the extra modes that you get with the S4 (except for Sound & Shot).
    4.Missing apps: S-Health, Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Air View, S-Travel, S-Translator, Samsung Link, and Photo Reader.
    5.Samsung Knox: Samsung Knox isn't implemented in this leak.

    Negatives/Unresolved Issues/Bugs:
    1.Bloat: All the bloat can be removed and/or disabled.
    2.Multitasking with games is still broken. You can't run two or more medium/heavy games in the background. One of them eventually restarts (if not instantly). NOTE: This also happens with a single game running but I've used two as a quick example.
    3.Contacts and Phone don't open instantaneously.
    4.Widgets drawer still has the initial loading lag.
    5.Shadow redraws on Touchwiz icons occurs when the phone is low on free RAM.
    6.Touchwiz can restart when the phone is low on free RAM.
    7.(Will take some time to test) Recent Apps Tab still randomly forgets the most recently minimized application.
    8.(I shall test this previous bug in a while) When recording a video, left and right audio is switched.
    Ofset-uri 1,6Al/1.6Fe/1,4Fe, 2&HH , SkyStar2;
    Optibox Spider HD
    HSS-7160NA (DigiTV)
    90E - 34,5V

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    ...a aparut si versiunea oficiala pentru Vodafone Irlanda....e acelasi lucru cu leak ul de mai sus dar cu alt csc.
    Dezamagire mare...kernel vechi, firmware si aplicatie camera vechi, launcer si widget uri vechi.



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