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    Default Please help --->KAON KSC 570

    Dear KAON KSC users,
    I bought this digital satellite receiver.
    I tried to downlaod the Software. I used
    "UPGRADE TOOL (V2.30) 22-AR-2004 Patch
    as a Software Loader. I come to a place where I get
    message that "Enter Key" and Dissconecting soon after
    that. Now nothing happening
    Only "8" showing on display. Therefore cannot watch
    any channel now, because don`t know what happened?

    When I come here:
    COM1 Off ! ("Enter" key to reconnect.)
    Then I don`t know what does it mean or wich key should
    I enter and how

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    Supply more details: H/W version (both receiver and bin file), S/W version, procedure, etc.
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    Thanks for your reply...
    I even now lost Orginal Software too
    Only "8" digit number showing on display.
    Before I tried to download I written all the information I
    found about this receiver in Menu that following:

    System Information:

    Model: KSC - 570
    Info: 20.05.14 - DOD6
    S/W: V13.05.04
    H/W: V12.C1.A5
    Loader: V6.1.9
    C.A: 2.2.2

    I use SOftware Loader "Kup 230" that I downloaded from" I tried diffrent Software but always getting
    this message in the end "COM1 off ("Enter" key to reconnect)
    Then display showing "8"
    Top off the "Kup2030" showing in blue background Disconnected!



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