Just bought a years subscription to the basic Cyfra+ channels while in Poland
over Xmas (visiting my polish girlfriend's family). I got the card (which is Seca2) activated and it was working ok on a polish sat receiver in her parents home.
However, I'm having problems getting it to run on my system at home.
I have a patched Technomate TM1000Ci receiver (Darkman patch) and a Matrix Revolutions card (mrb3.00 I think).

However, the Technomate receiver patch does not have Seca2 on it, only Seca (i.e Seca1)...will this make any difference?
Also, the mrb3.00 on the Matrix Revs cam doesnt have Seca2 in it's menu.

So my question is....SHOULD the official Seca2 Cyfra+ card work in my set up or will I perhaps need to buy a card reader for my Technomate receiver? (would this actually work seeing as my receiver is patched? I dont really want to put the original technomate software on as i can get TPS live Football on it every Saturday!).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated