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Thread: SmartDVB

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    Default SmartDVB

    Un player dvb excelent ajuns la v si include si funcia pip.

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    Playerul SmartDVB revine in forta dupa ce-a avut o perioada destul de lunga de "hibernare".Eu l-am ignorat pentru ca era instabil,cu foarte multe bug-uri si interfata nu ma atragea.Nu avea ceva nou,teribil care sa-l scoata din plutonul playerelor dvb-s.Sint altele(ProgDVB,DVBVDream,DVBViewer,etc)etc)care se prezinta mai bine la o utilizare continua si are functii ce acopera cam tot ce-i trebuie unui consumator obisnuit ce are o placa dvbs.Iata ca acest player s-a renascut si vine cu nouati care pur si simplu ar putea oferii o adevarata alternativa la celelalte playerele pomenite.Dar ce noutati,sa poti integra functiile utilitarelor Crazyscan si EBS e ceva care ii va invidia pe creatorii(Prog,rel,etc) celorlalte playere(ProgDVB,DVBDream)!
    Nu intru in amanunte,pe scurt este un player obisnuit,dar totodata si un utilitar de semnal ca cele pomenite inainte.Dar mai bine vizitati SmartDVB si descarcati versiunea beta SmartDVB 0.4.5. si veti vedea imbunatatirile aduse si desigur noutatile cu care vine acelasi si totusi noul player.Acum intelegem de ce a durat atit mult perioada de "gestatie" si se pare ca n-a fost in zadar.Urmeaza sa-l testam si,dupa caz,sa ne bucuram sau dimpotriva....
    Am sa prezint un screenshot cu partea de utilitar ce ma intereseaza pe mine,mai sint altele,dar cred ca e suficient sa atrag atentia voastra si eventual sa-l incercati.

    "-fixed: dvb subtitles changes some subtitles weren't being shown correctly.
    -fixed: some addon fixes, internal counter wasn't being updated so only one addon would be seen in the addon menu.
    -fixed: ms diseqc commited diseqc did not work properly.
    -fixed: madvr issue where video would be hidden after showing normal (not sosd) epg (ctrl-e)
    -fixed: mkv ffmpeg transcoded recordings were sometimes failing, default transcode.ini settings changes ('-fflags genpts' added thanks to sinancetinkaya for figuring this out please remove the previous mkv record entries to use this new internal default)from the ini to use the new defaults if so desired)
    -fixed: remote ok/enter now expands/collapses a category when using the graphical list. This should allow better nagivation per remote.
    -fixed: now should also work with/tune dvb-t/c.
    -fixed: various blindscanner cosmetic and user interface inconsistencies. Added frequency list and ability to start tranport streamanalyser on selected frequency.
    -added: blscan2 support to the blindscanner.
    -added: ability to do an rfscan from the blindscanner when selecting a tree frequency (it will also try to tune the frequency to ensure we're on the sat).
    -added: ability to get m3u list from the current satellite (for now only general and favorites can be retrieved). Http streaming needs to be enabled. http://x.x.x.x: x/server?command=.m3u (or main.m3u) retrieves all channels for the currently
    selected satellite. http://x.x.x.x: x/server?command=fav.m3u retrieves all favorites, http://x.x.x.x: x/server?command=fta.m3u all fta stations for the current freq list). Tested with vlc on windows. Also works with android with iptv tools that are able to load .m3u urls.
    -modified: some changes to http processing to improve error handling etc when requesting lots of http streams.
    -fixed: cosmetic bug with graphical status bar which sometimes would paint status messages with the wrong colours.
    -modified: various internal changes to try to improve stability with various devices.
    -fixed: some possible remote handling issues regarding tbs devices and driver versions.
    -modified: some changes to the old legacy vmr osd handling to try to improve repsponsiveness there, also some legacy memory leaks fixed there
    -added: integrated tune and manual scan to normal scanner.
    -added: mpeg 2 chroma (4:2:2) detection, only tested with transport stream recordings.
    -fixed: some changes to try to handle scheduling with multiple instances correctly.
    -fixed: changes to stream analyser due to crash reports.
    -added: option to settings to disable tbs remote processing. If you have stability issues with your tbs device which supports a remote try to enable this settings to see if it improves stability. Restart sdvb to be sure after setting this
    -fixed: some issue when switching devices concerning retaining correct settings per device (could be especially problematic when switching devices these would not retain correct device type settings for diseqc etc).
    -modified: some more scheduler bugfixes.
    -added: pid recording to transport stream analyzer, 'analyzer.ts' will be created in the record folder.
    -modified: some changes to the diseqc console regarding stability there. Signal status added and retune button.
    -added: basic signal search/constellation to blindscanner (context menu options). Note this only works with streamreader.dll supported
    -devices (same as the blindscanner) so keep that in mind.
    -fixed: some cosmetic fixes to the normal scanner.
    -fixed: additional (extra) recordings were not being stopped due to disk space restrictions.
    -fixed: issue with where prefer capture and alternative signal detection were being saved incorrectly.
    -fixed: bug in streamanalyzer which would not stop recording when closing analyzer without stopping the recording.
    -added: option to streamanalyzer to record 184 bytes due to special request (was quite easy enough to do )
    -fixed: calling rfscanner from blindscanner did not check if diseqc/positioner was necesarry.
    -modified: made default rfscan window size somewhat larger (depending on your desktop size).
    -added: save diagram option to constellation view.
    -added: signal constellation/analyzer is now shown on the rfscanner double click instead of the previous scan information popup.
    -fixed: some fixes to the diseqc console (or motor positioner). When called from the blindscanner it will try to tune the last blindscanned frequency. Otherwise it tries to tune the last normally tuned frequency from the app or scanner.
    -added: settings record option to record all dvb subtitles
    -added: Options to main tools menu to also show signal analyzer directly from the app (it automatically switches to, if you don't want that make sure you also use to tune).
    -added: option to record context menu to add some time to the end of record (5,10,15,30 or 60 minutes)
    -modified: some small changes to transponder ini parsing to allow for updates from,
    -added: device id is also added after caption tuner name (by request). This (including the tuner name) can be disabled by selecting 'tools > settings > general > do not show device name after application name'
    -modified: issue with the epg search dialog which would sometimes take too long to reload when switching from the dates to stations view.
    -modified: versioning of device modules is now taken from the file version instead of the previous internal version (and yes indeed file versions were from from the start, i won't lower them since this could cause install problems otherwise).
    -modified: added some checks to blindscanner/signal analyzer/rfscanner for specific streamreader.dll support (blscan/blscan2/rfscan etc).
    -modified: some more changes to the diseqc console at the blindscanner dialog for blscan2 compatibility (it was freezing when blscan2 was in use).
    -modified: Blindscan 2 handling modified due to reported freezes when us blscan2.
    -added: initial signal monitoring setup to signal analyzer, integrated with the search/constellation dialog
    -fixed: schedule task dialog now retains some modified settings (at start action, at end action, wakeup, renderless, timeout). Also renderless mode should be indicated by the ui now also.
    -fixed: some inconsistencies with processing and saving mis/pls in normal scanner which at some places was still using MIS:[PLS0:1] for example. PLS string is removed also to be consistent with blindscanner/signal analyzer etc.
    -modified: and smartdvb now use the latest current streamreader.dll and headers with preber modification to SEARCH_RESULT (version
    -added: secondary blindscan2 mode (minimal ranges mode gives beter UI response but the blindscan might be slower)
    -fixed: rfscanner had some pesky introduced bug in latest test version
    -modified: replaced satellite transponder .ini files with more current ones.
    -modified: transponder.ini satellites entries updated and now all .ini's should be installed from an installer exe which should not create a registry entry for each install."




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