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    Default LNB cu iesire IP de anul viitor

    Detalii n noul catalog Inverto.

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    Eu zic ca merge de ceva vreme si nu trebuie asteptat dupa nimeni.

    In pagina 7 a catalogului se explica perfect principiul de functionare.

    iLNB conectat la router si clientul airscreen conectat prin router la antena.

    Client dreambox vtuner in toata regula ...

    Se poate face acelasi lucru cu un adaptor DVB plus LNB si router unde se instaleaza un server vtuner.

    Ceea ce trebuie facut este adapterea dvb-api 5 sau mai recent pentru un firmware de router si includerea driverelor pentru
    adaptorul USB (in acest caz). Openwrt le include pe toate fara nici o problema.

    Orice client cu vtuner inclus poate sa se conecteze la serverul astfel creat.

    Openelec, enigma2 etc.

    Mai jos exemplu pentru Genpix adapters.
    Following router firmware is supporting all dvb adapters released to-date by Genpix.
    It is meant to be installed on wired/wireless routers supported by tomato firmware
    (e.g. Asus rt-n16, Netgear WNR3500L with USB 2.0 hosting) all which are internally
    clocked > 400Mhz to insure enough power for the pumping thread when serving vtuner clients over network.
    The vtuner service is transparent to its clients, it was developed by default to be automatically discovered,
    and does not require static IP from the client side. A DHCP client will discover the vtuner service if available
    after enigma2 restart with no other changes necessary. Traffic statistics can be visualized by default in tomato interface
    depending on the selection (eth0 if using the wired connection or wl-eth1 if using wireless).
    Best results for HD streaming is with wired server/client. Have not tested yet if two or more dreamboxes are capable
    of streaming from the same source, I suspect this is not possible unless streaming from the same transponder.
    However it is better to read more about this at
    Will be providing later the client package which is confirmed to be working with dm800.
    After client package installation and dreambox client restart a generic "vTuner" device will appear
    on dm800 tuner selection.

    1. Flash your router with image provided.
    2. From webrowser type tomato IP as and you can configure it as LAN client if behind another router.
    3. Verify if telnet/ssh is working in the router and if not, needs to be enabled (Enable from Administration -> Admin access -> telnet/ssh support)
    4. Connect your powered Skywalker to one USB 2.0 input located on your router.
    5. Telnet into your vtuner router local IP and enter following:

    modprobe dvb-usb-gp8psk
    6. If everything is working properly after "dmesg" you should see following in your telnet:

    dvb-usb: found a 'Genpix SkyWalker DVB-S receiver' in warm state.
          DVB: registering adapter 0 frontend 0 (Genpix 8psk-USB DVB-S)...
          dvb-usb: Genpix SkyWalker DVB-S receiver successfully initialized and connected.
    7. If you cannot see this it means the router USB port does not have enough power for the skywalker needs.
    (This was tested on the WNR3500L and the USB hosting is working only if a sturdy powered USB hub - Dlink type was used.
    On the Asus, the USB hub was not needed)
    8. Continuing in telnet one or two more commands are needed in following order:

    Code:  (for starting-up the vtunerd service) (for adding the service to the crond)
    9. If everything working smoothly at this point the vtuner server is awaiting for connections on your network.
    10. Install the vtuner client on the dm800 and reboot the dreambox.
    The dreambox image / drivers needs to be supporting dvb-s2 api 5, so you can try different images.

    DOWNLOAD tomato firmware

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    Acu citeva luni a intrebat cineva daca poate sa puna un lnb cu iesire optica in internet, cu ip ar merge.
    1m Offset AL (68,5E - 31,5W), actuator 24", WinTV DVB-s 1.3, Nexus-s 2.1, Skystar2 2.3P, TBS 5925, Positioner: Sat Control PMP 102, V-Box II, Receiver analog "Europa SR 500"

    Locatia ramine Palinca City!

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    Si cu atita tehnica, vor stii baietii in negru la ce se uita fiecare fraier in lumea asta !

    IP ? Nein Danke.




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