ITV only new parameters. End Hot TV

2013-07-09 4:24:58 p.m. / Luke Knapik
Last updated: 2013-07-09 5:15:06 p.m.
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July 9, 2013 roku excludes existing communication channel ITV on satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13.0 ° East . Station is available now at the point where the broadcast channel Hot TV / Ezo TV , which since mid-May. instead of their own copy of the program by issuing a regular communication channel ITV in full-screen graphics of the station, but with a note "Emissions Test" (more here) . Parameters have been changed on the official list of platform Cyfrowy Polsat , while nc + ITV the old parameters were deleted from the list, leaving ITV as the new HOT TV at position 260

New technical ITV (before Hot TV):
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B (13.0 ° E)
tp. 77 (12.245 GHz, pol. H, SR 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK) ID: HOT TV V PID: 137 (MPEG-2/SD) PID: 157 PID PCR: 137 SID: 117 PID PMT: 127 Provider: GlobeCast Encoding: none Channel Hot TV / Ezo TV began broadcasting in late April 2012 (first test). Originally appeared on satellite chart indicating start Ezo TV , which quickly changed to Hot TV (more here and here) . Station had its program directed to women and men, aged 16 +, who are tired of everyday life in the media just want to relax, rest and relaxation. The station network schedule had to find the videos, how-to and lifestyle programs (more here and here) . Despite these proclamations channel broadcast only music videos (broken every now and documentaries that were found in the announced program lineup) and clock chat for viewers. In January 2013 the Bank introduced changes to the network schedule Hot TV and ITV (more here and here) - on the air Hot TV moved esoteric afternoon band Ezo TV channel ITV , and the evening broadcast simultaneously on both antennas. Night band ITV , which broadcast programs are for adults, it changed its name to Hot TV . What's interesting - Channel Hot TV broadcast at the same time also the logo Hot TV , but music videos. During the day on the air Hot TV was the logo Ezo TV . 18 May 2013 and Channel Hot TV / Ezo TV instead of your regular copy of the broadcast media channel ITV in full-screen graphics of the station, but with a note "Emissions Test" (more here) . At the same time ITV broadcast from the current position. few weeks fell announcement of the end of transmission by Channel Hot TV / Ezo TV . At the end of May 2013 and Cable TV Satellite Video of Wloclawek in the issued press reported that the sender Hot TV has decided to end on May 31, 2013 issue of the channel, which would result in the withdrawal of his bid Sat Film (more here) . The sender, a company Telestar , which is owned by Hyperion with MNI Group , has not commented this situation - not confirmed or denied, and May 31, 2013 TV Sat Film withdrew a message from its website (more here) . In the middle of June. Ewa Sadowska from the Press UPC Poland informed the service that 31 July 2013 (...) the sender's decision to terminate the award, the offer will be withdrawn UPC Channel Hot TV (more here and here) . At the end of June. Cable TV Sat film again published a Communication on Hot TV : to inform the sender finished emissions Hot TV entertainment channel, thus it will be deleted from our offer, while the broadcaster reported that ITV will be available in the place where previously broadcast channel TV Hot / Ezo TV (more tutaj0 . At the beginning of July. board member Telestar , the broadcaster, said service that from 31 July 2013, the company will no longer Telestar sender channel called Hot TV. According to earlier reports, the sender got the approval of the National Broadcasting Council ( NBC ) to change the name and nature of the program - the entertainment and music Hot TV on esoteric and entertainment Ezo TV (more here) . At the moment it is not known whether the sender decides to launch a separate channel Ezo TV . probably Ezo TV and Hot TV are (so far) only bands on the air ITV . It is worth noting that although ITV has been removed from the existing parameters, it is still at the old frequency, but instead of a screeching sound generator - the message launched from other PID Video / Audio. Parameters: Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13.0 ° E) tp. 15 (11.488 GHz, pol. H, SR 27500, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S/QPSK) ID: - (none) PID: 174 (MPEG-2/SD) PID: 136 (eng) PID PCR: 174 SID: 5115 PID PMT: 1015 Encoding: none