British BBC broadcasts its programs 10 years FTA
Published: July 9, 2013, 12:33 TODAY! | Author: editor

The British public corporation BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) will celebrate tomorrow, July 10, 2013 fairly significant anniversary, which refers to forms of signal distribution of national programs via satellite.

Before 10 years ago - July 10, 2003 - BBC began to distribute all of its TV and radio programs via satellite Astra completely FTA . The BBC were originally encoded NDS VideoGuard system and available only to customers of paid services Sky UK.

The BBC had an agreement with BSkyB on commercial terms and charges for the distribution of encryption programs and decided to go their own way - to broadcast programs via satellite unencrypted.

Before the start of free broadcast BBC programs of national service were all moved to the then telecommunications satellite Astra 2D ( 28.2 ° E ), which covers the British Isles and limited part of Western Europe. Today not only free broadcast station BBC but ITV, Channel 4 and more attractive British programs via satellite Astra 1N and Astra 2F . Taking a 1N reception conditions are relatively favorable in Central Europe. The change will bring to the upcoming Astra 2E satellite.

Since the launch of FTA broadcast BBC programs have long speculated that free satellite distribution will not last long. BBC but proved that the FTA broadcasting counts in the future. Along with ITV in 2007 founded the Freesat platform, which is based on income unencrypted channels.