Diablo Cam 2 LAN

Duolabs Diablo Cam 2 LAN Hardware-Rev. 2.8. 1 x ISO Smartcard Reader für Conax und DigiCrypt. ARM7TDMI @ 50Mhz / FPGA @ 100Mhz processing speed. Duocrypt inside.

Gerade neu bei Amazon eingetroffen das Duolabs Diablo Cam 2 LAN ist jetzt vorbestellbar.Hardware: ?ARM7TDMI @ 50Mhz. ?FPGA @ 100Mhz processing speed. ?RAM: Internal 16KB and External 1024KB. ?ROM: 256KB Internal Flash and 2MB Dataflash. ?J-tag connection.1 Smartcard Readers Plug-In. ?2 Unique serial Numbers internally lasered inside. ?1 x ISO Smartcard Reader Software: ?PICO-OS Operating System. ?Dataflash internal Filesystem FAT 12. ?Fully programmable by PCMCIA secure protocol. Duolabs Diablo Cam 2 LAN