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    Default keys not working

    I am using fortec sta lifetime ultra.I go to menu ...Channel edit than code...enter1010 as pass word than go to nagravision...enter0001 in the pen ID and key code is on...key:00 is AF 0C BD 48 D8 51 6D DC key:01 is FE 44 D6 0C A3 6E 59 42...I hit o.k and exit ...I do no flashes or down loading am I doing some thing wrong. On this site under new keys there are 4 sets marked 0001:00 0001:01 0101:00 0101:01 I used the first one 0001:00 cause I saw it on another site but I split it in half and used the first as Key 00 and the second as Key 01 is this right I have had my box for over a year but have never had this much trouble

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    for which satellite are you trying to change? 0001/0101 is the ident of Dish Network in the US/Canada and these are N2 keys, you have to change the emu on your fortecstar Ultra, the latest are version 282t and/or 282t3 which does the autoroll.

    do this after patching up your receiver (if you have not done it already) just replace the keys with the current ones as posted on the keys section. i really assume you are going for Dishnetwork.

    Each box is different so you will need to go to the area where you used to change keys. Find Dishnet provider 00 01, go down to key and scroll right til Nagravision in the top left of your screen goes from 1 to 2. Now proceed to change keys. First key 00 and save then 01 and save. Now exit out and watch TV.

    . Go to MENU
    2. Go to Parental Control
    3. Go to Second PIN - Enter it. (default password is 0000)
    4. Go to "Set Default Key" - Select it.
    5. Go to Nagravision - Select it.
    6. Make sure Provider ID is selected and scroll to the right until you get to Dishnetwork
    7. Move down to Key Number
    8. Scroll to the right until you see Nagravision-2 in the Upper Left corner of your screen
    9. Change Key Number 00 to Key Data: F2 98 74 44 1C 65 77 D8 - Press OK to store this
    10. Scroll over to Key Number 01
    11. Change Key Number 01 to Key Data: 17 E3 E1 1D 89 4E 53 45 - Press OK to store this
    12. Keep hitting EXIT until you return to chans. All should be well!
    HP-Compaq DC5000 MT 1.5GB RAM
    Debian Squeeze with Smargos
    CCcam 2.1.4



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