Hey is it just me or is the fortec lifetime diamond box really difficult to enter codes into

Codes seem to be a hit and miss affair.

Ive been told that for the TPS codes listed on this site . If they say index or remote 08-1 on ******** than I need to type 21 on my boxs key id?

Why cant i just put in the key codes as they appear on this great website.

Im really demoralised cos I see all these key codes and cant seem to get them to work on my fortec lifetime doamond box that i bought in england.

Secondly i used to have a freeview box in england where i could sporadically do a add channels search and bingo new channels came up.

But now with this fortec diiamond box I dont have a clue how to add new channels and i cant get ITV 1 or channel 4 or ITV 2 or 3 despite a 80cm twin LNB astra and hotbird set up!

I have astra 19 and hotbird 13.

Please please any one in the UK with the fortec lifetime diamond box can you help me with putting in codes on my box.

I used to be able to watch turner classic movies and cinema auteur but these disappeared.

Any help is much much appreicated.