Stie cineva sau foloseste cineva iesirea de 12V si un Diseqc switch ! ?
Cine da comanda primul:12v sau disecul ?
Ce vreau sa fac :am un diseqc switch cu 4 lnb si vreau sa pun un extra diseqc switch cu 4 lnbs si sa fac selectie intre ele printr-un switch de 12v tip A/B,din receiver !Ar fi vreo problema daca fac selectie cu "live power" aplicata din receiver la lnb-uri !?

Does any1 uses the 12v output from the receiver and the Diseqc switch !?
My aim is to expand my existing setup (1 diseqc switch with 4 lnbs ) to add an extra diseqc switch with 4 lnbs ,but has to be commanded/swapped by a 12v switch A/B,controlled by the 12v output from Dreambox !
Who performs the commands first:12v switch or Diseqc !
Is there any problems in executing this "change/switching" LNB live-power with the A/B switch ?