Nokia's released the bundle of spreadsheets that comprise its 2012 Q1 financials, just a week after it acknowledged that it would make a loss, despite bullish sales of the new Lumia 900.
The numbers reveal that the company had net sales of €7.4 billion ($9.7 billion), down from €10.4 billion ($13.6 billion) at the start of last year. Net sales are -30% year-on-year, which means the company's posting a loss of €1.3 billion ($1.7 billion) for the first three months of 2012.
That loss is broken down as €772 million to restructure Nokia Siemens Networks, €101 million to restructure the Devices & Services and Location & Commerce departments, principally in shedding employees and relocating its factories to Asia. It had forecasted an operating margin of three percent below "break even," and says it's likely to remain that way well into the second quarter.
Stephen Elop pointed out that much of the loss is due to both increased competition and the costs of restructuring, but also seemed to tacitly confirm rumors we'd heard that UK carriers have been resistant to Nokia's new direction, saying that establishing momentum in the country has been "challenging." However, it's still promising to arrest the slump and in a statement to Moody's on Monday, the company pledged that it was prioritizing "cash conservation" exercises, although its liquid cash reserves have fallen 24% in a year, meaning that the company's only got €4.8 billion ($6.3 billion) put aside for a rainy day.

​Nokia a raportat joi o pierdere operationala de 1,34 miliarde euro pentru primul trimestru din acest an, pe fondul unor costuri de restructurare la divizia de echipamente telecom Nokia Siemens Network, informeaza Bloomberg. In trimestrul mentionat, livrarile anuale de telefoane mobile au scazut cu 24% pana la un numar de 83 de milioane de telefoane, cel mai mic nivel din ultimii aproape sase ani. Producatorul finlandez a vandut circa doua milioane de telefoane inteligente din noua linie Lumia pe care ruleaza sistemul de operare Windows Phone al Microsoft.

Vanzarile Nokia au depasit 7,3 miliarde euro in primul trimestru din acest an, in scadere cu 29% fata de acelasi trimestru din 2011.

Valoarea de piata a Nokia, odata liderul detasat al industriei de telefoane mobile, a scazut cu aproape 70 de miliarde de euro din 2007, cand Apple a introdus telefonul inteligent iPhone. In primele trei luni din acest an, noteaza Bloomberg, Nokia a livrat la nivel mondial 83 de milioane de telefoane, cel mai mic nivel din ultimii aproape sase ani.

Producatorul finlandez a vandut circa 2 milioane de telefoane Lumia, noua linie de terminale inteligente bazate pe sistemul de operare Windows Phone al Microsoft, dar vanzarile de telefoane low-end nu au reusit sa sustina aceasta tranzitie in conditiile in care companiile rivale au introdus terminale ieftine bazate pe sistemul de operare Android al Google in India si China.

Tot joi, Nokia a anuntat plecarea din firma a lui Colin Giles, vicepresedinte si membru al echipei de conducere, cu o vechime de 20 de ani in cadrul companiei. Acesta va parasi compania in luna iunie din acest an, dupa ce in februarie fusese numit sa conduca divizia de vanzari a Nokia.

Asadar lichiditati 4.8 miliarde euro . Inca mai poate supravietui desi pe Q4-2011 pierderi de aproape 1 miliard euro , iar Q1-2012 pierderi 1.34 miliarde euro ....