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    Default Friends Plz!!! help me

    Dear Friends

    I am having an FTA Digital Satellite Receiver. I want to upgrade that receiver but I do not have liner and loader for my receiver. Even my vendor knows nothing about it. Plz! help me to get proper linker and loader and other firmware neccessary for my box.

    The details of my receivers are:

    Receiver's name is Space1. Its FTA.

    ITs made in Korea. Its Model no. is:- SM-2052-MA-01

    It is having Intel Falsh having followoing no.


    Is this information sufficent for you to judge which loader and linker I can use with Box to connect it to my pc and upgrade it.

    If there is anything required please let me know.

    Thanks in advance


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    Default just check this web site

    some receiver have their web sites where they give new softwares and some don't have. if ur receiver does have web site then it is ok , other wise u have to wait for somebody to reply . check this web iste may be it will help u other wise check may be u have website written on the box of ur receiver or in book of ur receiver.



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