Newcamd v6.05-update

Download here: for some images available

Change log:

v6.05: cardserver: fix viaccess class entitlement dump
cardspider: fix a particular nasty bug, that occasionally caused control
words to by matched to a different ecm request than they
originated from, this might have caused occasional black
screens, emergency shutdown requests or in very rare
circumstances segfaults in cardspider (obviously they must
have been very rare, because noone ever complained about
cardspider: changed strategy when local users access local cards through
spider, these will now be preferred using user id as the sort
*** and will be handled before any ecm requests coming from
external peers
cardspider: added ECM_RESEND feature, if after 3-4 seconds cardspider
hasn't received a response to an ecm request, it will repeat
the request to external peers, this is intended to smooth
over the unreliableness of the udp protocol, but it might
increase the data rate used, if you are concerned about this,
the old behaviour can be restored by setting ECM_RESEND = no
in cardspider.cfg
cardspider: update avoidDropoutsHowto.txt, this is REQUIRED READING if
you want to run a stable network

although, we have not increased the protocol version number in this
release of cardspider which would've made it incompatible with the older
versions, we ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND to upgrade everyone in your network
immediately, especially because of the bug fix above