Tools & Utilities: CCcam-Editor 2.3.0 build 2213 by Oermens

Descarca de aici: CCcam-Editor2012.rar - 2.14MB

Changes :
01-01-2012  : 2.3.0 build 2213

            Happy New-year , Gelukkig Nieuwjaar , Vrohes neues jahr, ...

            * Updated For CCcam 2.3.0            
            * little bug fixed. (dit not load ...... camkey or was it camdata from file and box)            
            * Added Timer with selectable interval on Webinfo page

010-07-2010 : 2.1.4 build 2154
            * Fixed : Friends & Server popmenu did no work.
              Sorry .                       

010-07-2010 : 2.1.4 build 2147
            * Added : Click on global limits will update providerlistbox.            
            * Fixed : Friends & Server listbox had no popupmenu (right click).

010-07-2010 : 2.1.4 build 2145

            * For CCcam 2.1.4            
            * Best resolution : 1280 * 1024 
            * KNOW BUG FIXED: 
              the access violation was triggered by the OnDraw event of the checklistbox.
              Now I use a listbox instead of a checkedlistbox.
              Dubbelclick will free or block your friend or server.
            * BUG Fixed : Profile will not remember changes anymore.
              Result was on every save the profile file grew bigger and bigger. THIS IS FIXED
            * Only Tested in Win7_64. Cam-Editor is 32 bit So should work OK also on XP & Vista                         

07-07-2010 : 2.1.4 build 2002

            * For CCcam 2.1.4
            * Compleet new Layout : Hope you like it.
            * Several Bug Fixes.             
            * Best resolution : 1280 * 1024            
            * Tested on XP,Vista,Win7_32_&_64              
                          I bypassed this when it occurs,
                          BUT  by Friends and Servers the checklistboxes are not correctly displayed.
                          This mostly happens at the start of the program.
                          Just add a friend or server or Click "Load" or "Load from box".

23-01-2008 : 2.0.5b build 1655
            * BUG FIXES : G: line did not imported when loading a config file.

22-01-2008 : 2.0.5 build 1654

            * Hopefully done all the changes from CCcam_2.0.0 to CCca_2.0.5
            * Editor now saves only as plain text. Previous saved can still be opened.
            * Files send to box can have other name instead of CCcam.cfg .
             (see profiles, Not Saved in Profiles)
            * BUG FIXES :
                        * Error when clicking on the listbox on fiends & servers tab-page is now gone.
                        * when loading a config , the prio & the static cw field are filled with the correct values.
            * KNOWN BUG : Arena Web-info Bug Still not corrected. 
25-06-2007 : 2.0.0 build 1600

            * Now Saves to box hopefully in Linux Format: 
              by testing in vi "^M" is not shown anymore.
            * Editor now only saves in encoded format to HD            
            * Version of Editor will now be the Same as version of CCcam.
              (CCcam-Editorv2.00 for CCcam_2.0.0)            
            * config files older then version 1.7.1 WILL NOT Correctly imported
              Please check config Page for changes                    
            * Webinfo completely changed
              - now info will displayed in grid
              - LastUsed and ECMTime standaard hidden, to view them right-click
                on grid & choose column to disable or enable.                        
            * DROPPED Support for MGcamd (maybe later on back)
            * KNOWN BUG :
              When Using Arena Tividi Cryptoworks card entitlements failes :
              Set  Arena Card in Last card reader, to see the other cards.
              (there is a check on the word "tividi" cause the error occures on
              line "Caid d22 tividi??????????")
              Don't know if this due to Cryptoworks or only arena Card.
              even don't know why it fails.                        
09-03-2007: 1.50 build 958
            * Add support for CCcam 1.70
            * Add Possibility to use own standard Readers see Profiles-page
              Saved as Cam-Editor.readers. If exist there are loaded on startup &
              all related comboboxes are filled with it.
            * Hopefully better handling of cursor-pointer.
            * Deleted obselete code (now size 200 Kb less)                          

09-03-2007: 1.40 build 901

            * Added Block & Free server buttons 
            * Added Warnings Button on Webinfo-page
              When you click on it, it tries to load the warnings.txt file
              from your server and displays it.(you can also Delete it)
            * Bugs Fixed :
                - Log warnings.txt was always activated in Config.
                  When a few Friends where blocked this could result
                  in a very slow dreambox. The box could hang
                  ( after a day or more when flash was full).
                  After a reset all was Fine again for a days or more.
                  NOW ADDED a CHECKBOX : Log Active
            * Little Bug Fixed:
                * after importing config , if friends looked like:
                    F: xxxx xxxx 1 0 0 { }
                  or server looked like :
                    C: server poort login password no { }
                  then an error message showed up when clicking on it.

21-02-2007: 1.30 build 862
            * Added Support for CCcam 1.62

            * Fixed BUGs:
                * When loading a config , Minimum version was not set.
                * When typing own reader in a combobox,
                  it could not be added to the list.(All Comboboxes).
                  To add own reader : Press "End"-key instead of "Enter"-Key.
            * Rework on Web-info.
              Used TIdHttp (Indy) instead of TWebbrowser.
              As there is no browsing ==> There is NO History !!!  

29-01-2007: 1.20 build 768

            * Added Support for CCcam 1.61 
                Just add a minimum version number. Nothing else new on Config.

            * Added Web-info page :
              - It's just the standaard TWebbrowser-component of Delphi.
                It use Internet-Explorer, So the history wil be visible in IE's history. 
                SORRY , but untill now i'm not able to clear history by code.
                You have to do this yourself. 

25-01-2007: 1.11 build 727

            * Big Bug fixed: If the cursor was in configtab on a textfield then
              it could leave the field anymore anymore.
24-01-2007: 1.10 build 718

            * Added Support For CCcam 1.60
            * CamKey Listbox was not cleared on load so items were always added : fixed

05-01-2007: 1.00 build 673

            * Found a Few little Bugs : Fixed.
            * CCcam-Editor : 
                  - Config Now for CCcam 1.31 & CCcam 1.40
            * MgCamd-Editor : 
                  - Config Now for MgCamd 1.15 & MgCamd 1.16 & MgCamd 1.17
                  - Improved Conversion of Newcamd.list to CCcam-servers.
                    Now CWS_MULTI is Supported
            Hopefully all Bug Free. 

Happy New Year , Happy New Year , Happy New Year , Happy New Year , Happy New Year   

12-11-2006 : 0.9 build 492

             * DIRECTORIES CHANGED :
                   OLD : all files in Config .
                   NEW : Config/CCcam/*.* for all CCcam related files
                         Config/MgCamd/*.* for MgCamd related files
             * Profiles :
                  - Added field for MgCamd Folder 
             * MgCamd-Editor :
                  - Added MgCamd Config & NewCamd.list Editor.
                        It can load, alter, save
                           a config file used by MgCamd 1.15 . 
                        It can load, alter, save the newcamd.list file 
                           used by MgCamd 1.15  .
                        If newcamd.list file loaded ,
                           the servers can be (one,all) copied
                           to the CCcam Server list,
                           Hops = 1 and Stealth = 0.
          : 0.8 build xxx (Never Released)
             * Ccam-Editor :
                    - Added Channel-List editor :
                        Users kan here load 3 different channels-list ,
                        select channels from each of them,
                        and add these channels to a 4th list which can be altered,
                        saved, load etc...
                    - Added Provider-List editor :
                        Same as Channel-List Editor.                    
                    - Sort function added to Friends-List & Server -List
                        (Sort Can NOT be undone.)
                    - On Friends Page Sort function added 
                        to Provider-list & Channels-List.
                        (Sort Can NOT be undone.)
03-11-2006 : 0.7 build 331
             * When typing in the Combobox for NDS-BOXKEY en pressing 'enter', 
               the reader was not added to the reader list.
               Instead the pinkey was added again to the pinkey list.
             * Also when typing in the combobox Example: 'Com15' then 'Com1' was
               also added.
             Both problems Fixed.
             * Added Providers & Channels 
                     ( Right click on the list en choose 'Load from' )
31-10-2006 : 0.6 build 320
             There was a little error by Adding and updating friends.
                   old : F: host port user passw 1:0:1 { }....
             should be : F: host port user passw 1 0 1 { }....
             sorry for that.
29-10-2006 : 0.5 build 318
             First Release

Cam-Editor :

Files that Come Whith it :

Main Files :
Readme.txt (this File)         

Demo Files :
Config/CCcam/Canal Digitaal NL.channels
Config/MgCamd/newcamd.list (example)

What does it do ?

It can load, alter, save a config file used by CCcam 1.3.1 and higher.
It can load, alter, save a config file used by MgCamd 1.15 and higher .
It can load, alter, save the newcamd.list file used by MgCamd 1.15 and higher .

Features :

* Load / Save a Default Provider List (Loaded at startup).
* Load / Save a Provider List .

* Load / Save a Default Channel List (Loaded at startup).    
* Load / Save a Channel List .

* Load / Save a Friends List .(Encoded)
* Load / Save a Server List .(Encoded)

* Load / Save a *.Config File = Editor File.(Encoded)
                *.Cfg File = Normal File.
* Load / Save a CCcam.cfg file directly to your box.
                See Profiles.
* Load / Save a MgCamd.cfg file directly to your box.
                See Profiles.
* Load / Save a newcamd.list file directly to your box.
                Same folder as mg_cfg folder.
* Preview of CCcam-config file.
* Preview of MgCamd-config file.
* View original Config file for help of CCcam 1.31 and for CCcam 1.40. 
                Depends on version choosen in config.
* View original Config file for help of MgCamd
Copyright and Usage

Feel Free to use , spread etc... as long there is no money ask for it
and Main Files stay together.