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Thread: Ses 4

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    Talking Ses 4

    SES 4

    Launch Date:
    January, 2012

    Launch Delay
    ILS Proton Launch OF SES-4 Satellite Postponed
    BAIKONUR COSMODROME, Kazakhstan, December 27, 2011

    The launch of an ILS Proton launch vehicle with the SES-4 satellite was postponed today for approximately 25 days for technical reasons associated with the avionics system of the launch vehicle’s Breeze M upper stage. The additional time is needed due to the required destacking and replacement of the affected avionics unit. The satellite is being launched for SES of Luxembourg and was built by Space Systems/Loral.

    The delay was called after Khrunichev engineers at the launch site received an anomalous telemetry reading on the Breeze M upper stage during preflight testing. The vehicle and satellite remain in a safe configuration at the launch site
    Vehicle: Proton M/ Breeze M

    Twitter Tag: #SES4
    The Satellite

    Satellite Operator: SES
    Satellite Manufacturer: Space Systems/Loral
    Purpose: Satellite Broadband
    Platform: SS/L 1300
    Separated Mass: 6,180 kg
    Satellite Design Life: 15 years


    20th SES Satellite Launch on ILS Proton
    21st Space Systems/Loral Satellite Launch on ILS Proton
    6th ILS Proton Launch in 2011
    70th ILS Proton Launch Overall

    Launch Resources

    Mission Overview
    Media Advisory
    Broadcast (windows and flash)
    Latest News Release

    (Source: ILS )

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    SES NEW SKIES ordered in February 2008 the NSS 14 satellite from Space Systems/Loral (SS/L). It will be the largest satellite ordered by SES so far. In early 2010, the satellite was renamed SES 4.

    SES 4(Ex NSS 14) will be a hybrid satellite featuring 52 × 36 MHz equivalent C-band transponders and 72 × 36 MHz equivalent Ku-band transponders, a substantial increase in the total capacity available at 338 degrees East The state-of-the-art spacecraft has been specifically designed for its orbital location, with C-Band beams serving the eastern hemisphere of Europe/Africa, full America's coverage as well as a global beam to support mobile and maritime customers. Four high power, regional Ku-Band beams will provide service to Europe/Middle East, West Africa, North America and South America with extensive cross-strapping between C- and Ku-band transponders providing enhanced connectivity. Government applications will benefit from sophisticated command encryption. The satellite will be equipped with an ion propulsion system ensuring a minimum life of at least 15 years in orbit. At a launch weight of 5800 kilograms, SES 4 will be compatible with all relevant launch vehicle providers.

    SES NEW SKIES will deploy SES 4 over the Atlantic Ocean region at 338 degrees East(=22*W), enabling the incumbent NSS-7 satellite to move to a new orbital position.

    (Source: Gunter's Space Page )



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