Eutelsat statement on deliberate jamming of satellite signals
November 18th, 2011

Eutelsat has issued the following statement:

Eutelsat categorically recent reports that claim it is generating interference to its own satellites in order to prevent reception in Iran of international Farsi satellite channels. These allegations are in total contradiction with reality. They are also totally inconsistent with the statement issued in September by the BBC which associates Eutelsat with their renewed appeal for action by regulatory authorities to combat this violation of international rights.

Over more than two years Eutelsat has publicly condemned intentional jamming of its satellites by third parties, organised to prevent reception of international Farsi channels including BBC Persian, Voice of America and Deutsche Welle. We have identified the location of the jamming from within Iran, and since May 2009, have filed multiple complaints with the relevant French and international regulatory authorities to denounce hostile jamming operations and to prompt the International Telecommunication Union (a United Nations Agency) to address this illegal practice as a priority issue.

Eutelsat maintains a constant dialogue with international Farsi channels and service providers affected by deliberate jamming. The company has repeatedly organised transmissions of these channels through other satellites in its fleet in order to provide the continuity of service that we constantly endeavour to deliver. These efforts are recognised by the BBC, including in their statement of 7 September.

Deliberate jamming prevents satellite reception, creates collateral damage for other broadcasters and is contrary to international conventions for the use of satellites. Efforts to combat it are a priority issue for Eutelsat. Michel de Rosen, Eutelsat CEO, says: “In our capacity as a satellite operator we remain committed to defeating this abuse. We call on those of influence to do all they can to impress upon Iran the illegal nature of intentional jamming and the need to cease this activity immediately.”

(Source: Eutelsat)