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    Default ~~ New Pet123 Settings 04.12.2005


    Update Dreambox settings 04/12/05


    --Turksat 1C - 42°east--
    Cem TV
    Satmedia tv
    VIC TV Promo
    Start Shopping TV
    Halay TV
    CEM TV
    CEM Radyo 96.4
    Marmara Radyo
    Power XL
    Kral FM
    VOT 2
    TSR 2+VOT 3
    New SID for Kral TV
    New SID for Star TV

    --Hellas sat 1 - 39°east--
    African United TV Promo
    Dom 5

    TV 1000
    Radio Liani
    New frequency for TV 7
    New frequency for GTV

    --EuroBird/Astra 2 - 28,2°east--
    Turn On TV
    Sport Nation
    Vectone MH1
    Treasures TV
    Broadband World TV
    AXN Satellite
    New frequency for ATN Global
    Start Rapture TV

    -BBC/ITV Region-
    BBC Local TV

    -Sky UK-
    NDTV 24x7
    New frequency for Ary Digital

    -Sky UK Kids-
    New frequency for Boomerang

    -Sky UK Movie-
    TCM 12188 Hor.

    -Sky UK Music-
    Update 11896 vert.

    -Sky UK Adult-
    Playboy One (Clear)

    --Arabsat 3A - 26°east--
    Start Marhaba
    Fashion TV 11996 Hor.
    New frequency for Super Movies
    New frequency for Super Movies +1

    --Astra 3A/1D - 23.5°east--

    --Astra - 19°east--
    -Canal Digitaal-
    New frequency for Cartoon Network
    New frequency for TCM

    -Premiere World-
    Erotik 1
    Erotik 2
    Blue Movie
    Blue Movie Extra

    Start Sci-Fi Channel France
    Start MTV Idol
    Start MTV Pulse
    Start Nickelodeon France

    Start Cuatro
    New frequency for Eurosport

    -UPC Direct-
    Hustler TV
    Blue Hulstler
    TV Deko
    New frequency for Eurosport

    -FTA German-
    New frequency for Eurosport
    APS ProSieben
    APS Deluxe Music
    APS 1-2-3.TV

    -FTA France-
    BFM TV

    --Hotbird - 13°east--
    -Sky Italia-
    Fox Crime: 11977 Hor.

    -Cyfra +-

    New frequency for i-Télé

    Chasse & Peche

    -HRT/Seemore TV-
    Hustler TV

    Start Mediaset Premium 5

    -FTA Div./ Music-
    Radio Radio Tv

    -FTA Div./ Music-
    Viva Polska 11075 vert.
    Radio Club977 80s
    Radio Club977 Hits

    -FTA France-
    BFM TV

    -FTA Italian-
    Telemarket 2 11304 Hor.
    Gioielli D´Anna
    Cern-Beyond Einstein
    Jolly Sat

    -FTA Greece-
    GR Sat

    -FTA Oriental/Relition-
    Nepali Television
    Prophetic World
    VIC TV Soon 1
    VIC TV Soon 2
    Radio Romano Alav
    Radio Glas Drine BiH
    Studio Radio Company
    Radio Marija
    Radio Lijepa Nasa
    Radio Ritam
    Radio Capri
    Radio Dijla
    Peiraiki Ekklisia

    -HB Erotic-
    Canal Sex

    ECB.1 Test
    Test 8402
    Business Tv
    Canale 50
    DZRS - Test

    --Eutelsat W2 -16°east--
    New SR and SID for Kanal 5 Macedonia
    New SR and SID for Play

    -ITV Partner-
    Hustler TV
    AXN Central Europe
    Cinemax East Europe

    --Eutelsat W1 - 10°east--
    Beladi Satellite Channel

    --Eutelsat W3A - 7°east--
    TV5 11513 hor.
    JSTV Channel TST
    Canale 50
    Jolly Sat
    EURO1080 HD-1 (MPEG-4)
    Radio RSI

    New frequency for SkyTürk

    --Sirius/Astra 1A - 5°east--
    Hustler TV
    Blue Hustler
    Eurosport News (viaccess)
    Eurosport 2 (viaccess)
    Radio Bravo
    Immedia 1
    Immedia 2

    Sport N
    TV1000 Balkan FSS

    -Max TV-
    TV1000 Balkan FSS

    --Thor/Intelsat 707 - 1°west--
    Kanal 5 Macedonia
    Radio Nisava
    Info Radio
    Radio Energy
    Moooby TV 12399 Hor.
    Nautik TV 12399 Hor.
    New SID for A1 Plus
    New SID for BTR Sat
    New SID for Orbis

    -Canal Digital Nordic-
    Hustler TV

    -Focus Sat-
    New FEC for 11727 Vert.
    New FEC for 12246 Hor.
    Hustler TV
    Blue Hustler

    -RCS DigiTV-
    Minimax Hungary

    --Amos F1 - 4°west--
    start 4! Story TV

    --Nilesat 101/102 - 7°west--
    A.B.C.Aqtsadia TV
    Hi TV
    Mazzika Zoom
    Beladi Satellite Channel
    Al Sumaria
    Start Zee Arabiya
    Start Marhaba
    Aldiyar Sat 12303 hor.
    Smartsway 12303 hor.
    ART Monasabat 12303 hor.
    New SID for LBC Europe
    New SID for Nourmina Satellite Channel
    New SID for Al Hakeka
    Jeddah FM
    Riyadh FM
    Newfrequency for:
    MBC FM
    Panorama FM

    -Showtime Network-
    DIFF TV Channel 7th-18th December
    New SID for Eurosport News

    --Atlantic Bird 1 - 12.5°west--
    Telecolore 11137 hor.
    GP eng/eng
    GP eng/italian
    GP eng/spanish
    La 7 12545 Hor.
    MTV Italia 12545 Hor.
    VIC TV Soon 1
    VIC TV Soon 2
    RRSat Feed
    Radio Ritam
    Radio Capri
    New frequency for TV SRI (low SR)

    --Telstar 12 - 15°west--
    Start Aghapy TV
    Internetq (low SR)
    Greek Sat
    New frequency for Seven

    -UPC - DMC-
    Complete update

    --Hispasat - 30°west--
    Canal Latino TV
    Emuga Radiofusion

    -TV Cabo-
    ESPN Classic Sport Europe
    Reality TV
    Sailing Channel
    The Baby Channel
    RTP Açores
    Travel Channel
    Channel 6-11
    Info Satelite

    New frequency for Eurosport

    Canal Cocina

    --Panamsat PAS 3R - 43°west--
    TYC Sports (Argentina)
    Canal 13 Satelital

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    THNX blanitzo!
    350 kg de scule!



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