NEMESIS SVN 095r6 on-line for update.
Maybe the last,
Attention for all users
This Update work only if you have a Nemesis >= SVN 092

If you have a SVN version < 092, or SSL < 84
please flash a fresh image via Web Interface, follow this:
-Flash SecondStage Loader 84-r0 (nfi version)
-Flash Image SVN 093

Timeline 095r6

-Update to InitramFS 1.8, for all Machines (thanks @gutemine)
-Fix some italian translation
-Update Lithuanian Language (Thanks @adga)
-Update sqlite to (dm7020hd)
-Update CCID to 1.4.5
-Update CrossEPG
-Update CrossEPG (mpepg.conf) for Mediaset (Thanks @pappa)
-Add MerlinEPGCenter plugin on Extension
-Add New RC config (Enigma Key Green Swap)
Green Key Press = subchannel
Green Key Press >1s = EPG Manager
Blu->Yellow->Setup Console/RC to choice RC Map.
-Update enigma2
-Update enigma2-plugins

Nemesis2.3-dm500hd-e2-OE-1.6-SVN-093 Nemesis2.3-dm800-e2-OE-1.6-SVN-093 Nemesis2.3-dm800se-e2-OE-1.6-SVN-093 Nemesis2.3-dm8000-e2-OE-1.6-SVN-093