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    Default Noutati...Era glaciara tot mai speram

    Kudelksi, Aladin and hacker attacks!


    Now Kudelski finally admits that their c*rd series offers no resistance to hacker attacks anymore. But they play down that there are about 11 to 12 million cards in circulation. It is also supposed that the rest of the c*rd series that hasn’t been ha*ked, shortly will lose resistance.

    Furthermore a hacker was interviewed by a reporter in Spain. He belongs to the group that felled the Nagra 2 system. The interview is to be released shortly.

    Now all ROM101 series have been dumped, which means also Rev.1.10 has been dumped. According to remarks from the underground scene in Spain, also some other providers that work with Nagra 2 ROM 101 have been ha*ked. Carmageddon and Alladin systems also seem to be have ha*ked. Some persons allegedly contacted the hacker group to avoid publication of the Alladin sourcecode at a german provider. But it seems to be sure that these are people from the scene.
    They have until now successfully prevented, that EMU’s for Alladin 2 with betacrypt header show up on boards and ULC’s.
    About the „why“, the spanish hackers are puzzled. According to a posting in the scene it was relatively easy, using existing means that are currently circulating, to dump the ROM 120 from PW. This doesn’t interest the group because they have their own goals. Some think, that has to do with the mentality in the german area or that the german Pay-TV-Provider has managed to dry up piracy.

    Nagravision has to, that is clear, start right from scratch and to develop a completely new c*rd type, because all until now delivered Nagra 2 series are not immune against Re-engineering. There are programs on the net that allow a complete read-out of Nagra 2 c*rd types and even put even the famous „bugcatcher“ to rest.

    Nobody could foresee this flow of events and right now Kudelski is under pressure because the counter measures that Kudelski always highlighted with their Nagrasystem, seem to have no effect at all, because twice already is has been tried to update their own c*rd series with D+ and some key changes have been noticed, but the sourcecode, issued on the first day and the following EMU’s couldn’t even marginally brought to „stutter“. Meanwhile there have other updates of Nagra 2 sourcecodes been released in the scene that can be finetuned in the EMU’s.
    The hackers seem to be even 2 paces ahead for the time being.

    Some „hobbyists“ allegedly succeeded to build a totally identical clone of their own original c*rd, using „high security“ cards like the 6464 by ATMEL.

    The current distress at Kudelski in Switzerland can be seen by the tooth-gnashing admission that the Nagra 2 system is no longer „secure“, which is mildly put. This has never happened before with a company sitting in this segment of trade.

    Premiere-Encoding allegedly ha*ked

    According to various sources the Nagravision system used by the Munich-based pay-tv-provider Premiere allegedly has been ha*ked. Used is a so-called Cerebro c*rd costing about 100 Euro. While according to some reports only the Premiere cards have been affected, some other users claim that the whole Nagrasystem-c*rd family is affected.

    After the program interruptions of last monday of the satellite transmissions of Premiere channels some forum members suspected a „ system restart“ of Premiere. Meanwhile it is clear the the cause was a weather-based power breakdown in the Playout-Center.

    Premiere-spokesman Dirk Heerdegen said, when questioned by heise online, that the situation is currently being evalued. Even if it turns out that the Nagravision-coding has been ha*ked, he warned (potential) pirate viewers of exaggerated euphoria. These people should realize that they are commiting a crime. On the other side Kudelski is contractually committed to exchange the cards.
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    Death to all

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    Default Si totusi ...

    Si totusi ... pentru unii amatori , romani traind in Romania , acest succes ramine doar de palmares , palmaresul altora ! , cei 100 de Euro plus programatorul si "know how" - ul aferent ramin o bariera greu de surmontat ... cred ca cei multi asteapta reactivarea creatorilor de patchuri si spera ca acest lucru sa aiba efect si asupra unor receptoare deja iesite din "promotie" ... hmm ! vom trai si vom vedea ! Personal as fi preferat ca romanul sa poata castiga suficient pentru a-si permite abonamentul oficial ! Daca ma gandesc bine la ce bani sint in joc ... contramasurile cred ca vor fi pe masura si rapide ... eu chiar cred ca ele erau deja pregatite ... daca stau sa ma gandesc ca prima bresa in N2 are deja 6 luni !



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